• WCF Data Services 5.2.0 Released – The WCF Data Services Team announce the release of WCF Data Services 5.2.0 as both NuGet packages and a tools installer. This release follows on from a successful Release Candidate release last week, and adds UriParser support for $filter and $orderby expressions, along with performance and reliability bugfixes


  • Breaking news: HTML 5.0 and Canvas 2D specification’s definition is complete! – Paul Cotton highlights the significant news that the HTML5 and Canvas 2D specification from the W3C have been published in the Candidate Recommendation form, meaning that there will be no further new features added to either.
  • Which is faster? – Eric Lippert shares 6 parts of wisdom which you should always consider when asking the question ‘which is faster?’
  • How to read performance articles – Christian Heilmann is also discussing performance related topics, reminding us that performance tests, etc are all based only on the available implementations at the time, and seldom are revisited to reflect updates to the library/platform/etc
  • Running ASP.NET Web API via OWIN with Katana – Filip W discusses the use of ASP.NET Web API with the OWIN framework and Katana OWIN implementation for Windows, discussing how unlike many earlier Microsoft Web Technologies, Web API allows you a variety of options for hosting.
  • What I Learned Building My First 4 Windows 8 Apps – Jason Roberts discusses some of the key lessons he learned in the production of his first 4 Windows 8 Store Applications
  • The Benefits of Regular Deployment – James Moore discusses the adoption of regular deployment at RedGate, talking about some problems they previously encountered on products, the lean manufacturing techniques they adopted, the lessons learned, and how its working for them now.