A bit of a short edition today, mostly due to internet connectivity issues at my end, and partially due to the Christmas slowdown


  • Announcing the ASP.NET and Web Tools 2012.2 Release Candidate – Scott Guthrie highlights last week’s ASP.NET and web Tools 2012.2 Release Candidate Release, which includes ASP,NET SignalR, along with the latest versions of Web API, new project templates for ASP.NET MVC, improved editor, web publishing and page inspector features
  • ReactiveUI 4.2 is Released! – Paul Betts announces the latest stable release of ReactiveUI 4. ReactiveUI 4.2 includes 5 months of development and enhancements from 10 different contributors, and adds support for Async via the BCL Async Targeting Pack along with a bunch of other great new features.
  • SDL w/ EoP – "Elevation of Privilege (EoP) Threat Modeling Card Game" – Greg Duncan shares a nice way of getting into threat modeling highlighting the release of Elevation of Privilege, a card game for developers, architects and security experts