• C#/.NET Little Wonders: Static Char Methods – James Michael Hare continues his ongoing series looking at some of the less well know areas of the .NET framework and C# language looking at the performance gains that can be made by working with single characters rather than full blown strings when all you need is a character.
  • Tools for Your Debugging Toolbox – ‘rafarah’ takes us on a tour of the must have debugging tools, as recommended by the Microsoft Premier Support Team, giving a summary of the tool and its use, along with a download link for each of the tools.
  • Windows Store Applications – Debugging Crashes – Mike Taulty discusses the process of debugging deployed Windows Store applications, looking at the information provided in the Store for the developer, and how you can work with that information – this post has lots of stack traces, so not for the faint hearted.
  • Building World-ready Applications in JavaScript Becoming a Reality – Suresh Jayabalan & Amanda Silver of the JavaScript team discuss the proposed JavaScript Internationalization API, and emerging proposal the help developers build real world applications in JavaScript for consumption across the world.
  • Using TypeScript with AngularJS and Web API – Piotr Walat takes a look at a real world use of TypeScript, combining it with the use of AngularJS and the ASP.NET Web API to create a CRUD application which consumers WebAPI services from TypeScript using strongly typed AngularJS Controllers
  • Introduction to Fakes and migration from Moles – Jan Fajfr takes an introductory look at the Fakes test isolation framework from Microsoft, comparing it and looking at the migration from its predecessor Moles in this CodeProject article.
  • Servicestack CredentialsAuthentication and easyhtpp of course: Part 1 & Part 2 – Christiaan Baes takes a look at the creation of an authenticated service using Service Stack and EasyHttp, working from the ‘File > New Project’ getting the Service Stack part up and running in part 1 and looking at the use of EasyHttp in part 2.


  • "TypeScript" with Mark Rendle – Mark Rendle will be visiting the .NET Developer Network just outside Bristol on Tuesday 22nd January for a session exploring the TypeScript language, and extension of the JavaScript language.