• Announcing jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 Final – The jQuery Mobile team announce the official release of jQuery Mobile 1.2. This release has been through various preview releases, and the team now feel it is ready to be classed as a final release including new controls, over 100 enhancements, all from a contribution team of almost 200 people!
  • Announcing! Windows 8 Bing Maps SDK is Available! – Jerry Nixon highlights the release of the Bing Maps SDK for Windows Store applications, allowing your Windows Store (nee Metro) applications built using JavaScript, C#, C++ and Visual Basic to include mapping functionality.



  • NxtGenUG – Event: Lions and tigers and hackers, – Phil Winstanley visits the Manchester / Warrington / Daresbury NxtGenUG for a session looking at a variety of ‘cyber threats’ on the evening of Monday 15th October 2012
  • Event: Umbraco UK Festival 2012 – 26th October 2012 – Sarah Lamb highlights third annual Umbraco UK Festival, being held on Friday the 26th October 2012 in London. Registration is required for this event, and there is a very small charge (£13.50) tpo register, but the event has a great speaker lineup and is sure to be well worth a visit if you do anything Umbraco.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Using Intellitrace to Fix Prod – Tarun Arora visits the Birmingham NxtGenUG for a session looking at performance problem debugging in the production environment on the evening of Tuesday 23rd October 2012.