A short edition today, mostly due to low posting volumes I suspect due in turn to it being Labor Day in the US yesterday.


  • Huge discounts on personal licenses for .NET tools – JetBrains are running a ‘Back to School’ promotion with significant discounts on Personal Editions of their tooling, a good opportunity to get your own copies of their great tools like ReSharper, dotTrace and dotCover.


  • Namespaces are obsolete – Bertrand Le Roy discusses how patterns of working like the use of RequireJs lead to namespaces being less important, looking first at the uses of Namespaces and what they achieve before looking at how package managers and module loader provide an analogy to this.
  • NugGet Perf, Part V – Searching Packages – Ayende continues his series looking at reimaging the Data portions of NuGet against RavenDB with a look at querying against the data when stored in RavenDB, looking at how one of the complex queries in SQL reduces significantly when constructed and executed against the document database with indexes.
  • Avoiding Procrastination Through Pairing – John Sonmez discusses how pair programming gives benefits in terms of concentration and reduction of procrastination, as well as the more often used benefits.
  • 8. Quotations – Say "your name" – Dorian Corompt takes a look at how F# quotations allow you to write code which contains code, allowing easy direct access to the Abstract Syntax Tree
  • Designing Mobile Apps – Jason Roberts discusses how when working on your exciting new mobile application (and any application type really) it still pays to slow down and start thinking about features that your users want, and to approach the problem using a feature driven methodology.
  • Build Your Own Web Server – Huseyin Atasoy shares a simple web server implementation written in C#, and illustrating nicely how you can work with sockets in your own applications.