I had a splendid time at DDD10 this past weekend, its always great to catch up with old friends, learn about and discuss plenty of technology and methodology, and meet new and exciting people (including my new friends at Red Gate and O’Reilly). My thanks go out to the DDD team who put on a great event, Microsoft, all the sponsors, and most of all to the attendees (and of course Gibraltar Software for the tasty cupcakes!)


  • jQuery 1.8.1 Released – The jQuery Team announce the release of jQuery 1.8.1, available from the jQuery site, and probably on the Google and Microsoft CDN by the time you are reading this. This updated release addresses a substantial number of user reported issues.


  • Sagas – Clemens Vasters discusses the theory and use of the Saga pattern, looking at an example of a Saga in the travel industry and sharing sample code illustrating how this saga can be represented in code
  • Reconciling ReST and CQRS + Event Sourcing – Graeme Foster posts on some interesting discussions about the meeting of REST and CQRS and Event Sourcing, discussing items questions raised at DDD10 this weekend, and sharing his thoughts on how the combination of these techniques can be achieved.
  • Support $format in ASP.NET Web Api – Hongye Sun discusses how WebAPI does not support $format due to having its own mechanisms for determining format based on Content negotiation, and looking at how you can make WebAPI’s QueryableAttribute ignore the Format Query string.
  • NuGet Perf, Part IV – Modeling the packages – Ayende continues his discussion of how the NuGet server aspects could be moved onto a RavenDB backend, taking a look at the structure of the data within RavenDB to allow it to be easy to work with.
  • What is good API design? – In a similar vein, Richard Minerich discusses what makes a good API design, sharing some of the lessons he learned early on in his career about designing APIs for consumption by different types of user.
  • Portable Class Library even better in .NET 4.5 – nmarun discusses some of the improvements made to the Portable Class Library support in .NET 4.5 allowing you to more easily create libraries which can be consumed across the various .NET platforms.
  • VS2012 – How to manually convert .NET Class Library to a Portable Class Library – Igor Milovanovi? takes a look at how you can manually convert and existing class library over to being a Portable Class Library by tweaking settings in the project file.
  • A LINQ Operator to Select Multiple Values from Sequences – Richard Carr takes a look at a couple of technqiues for selecting multiple values from items contained in sequences using LINQ, exploring the use of Concat and SelectMulti
  • Editing assemblies using ReflexIL – nmarun takes a look at the use of the ReflexIL plugin for Redgate’s Refector tool which allows you to view and edit the IL code which actually represents your code to the .NET CLR.


  • DDD North2 – If you missed out on the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event this past weekend, then you really should attend DDDNorth 2 – Registration is open now, and there are still places available, so get registered soon for what will undoubtedly be another excellent weekend of Developer goodness.
  • RavenDB Role Playing with RPG With Me – The RavenDB team welcome Rob Eisenberg to their next RavenDB Web Cast event, where they will be discussing the role RavenDB plays in the ‘ RPG With Me’ application. The Webcast takes place on Friday 7th September and registration is required.