• Axiom v0.8.3327.12322 has been released! – Michael H.C. Cummings announces the release of Axiom v09.8, the latest version of this open source 3D rendering engine for C# and .NET. This release has been through a full beta, and RC cycle and adds Visual Studio templates and supports its inclusion via NuGet Packages.


  • Git Deployment To An Azure WebSite: Keeping Configuration Secrets – Scott Kirkland discusses keeping your more sensitive production application settings private when working with the Git deployment of ASP.NET Websites to Azure, looking at the facilities provide within Windows Azure to keep them in the cloud.
  • How to make your Windows 8 app more … well … more Windows 8 – Ramez Debbas discusses several features you can consider for inclusion in your Windows 8 applications to make the application take better advantage of the Windows 8 environment.
  • Windows 8 Notifications: Scheduled Notifications – Jim O’Neil is mid series on a selection of posts looking at implementing notifications in Windows 8 applications, having previously explore Local Notification he moves on to look at time specific local notifications
  • 11 e-books gratis sobre JavaScript – Jhuess Villanueva Rodriguez highlights a selection of free JavaScript books available online in electronic format from a variety of publishers. Some are preview copies, and others are full finished books.
  • Top 30 Agile Myths – True or False? – Telerik Team Pulse are offering a free e-book on Agile Myths for every person who follows their Team Pulse twitter account. The download link is provided in a direct message after your follow (note the link in the article to the twitter account appears to be broken).
  • UPDATED HOWTO: SQLite with Windows 8 apps – Tim Heuer shares an updated look at including SQLite database support in your Windows 8 applications, taking a look at what has changed since the last version of his article, and looking at the use of the new NuGet package.


  • DDD North – Vote for Sessions – Session voting for DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper North 2 has now opened with a great selection of sessions (and one from me). The conference takes place on Saturday 13th October at the University of Bradford, and this is your chance to shape the conference.
  • Windows 8 virtual hackathon, August 2012 – Matt Harrington highlights a virtual Windows 8 Hackathon event running in the second half of August. The event is open to developers across the world, but unfortunately the prizes are only for US Residents