• Configuring Windows Azure Services for Windows Server – Roger Jennings gives a detailed runthrough of getting to work with the Windows Azure Services for Windows Server, bringing part of the cloud architecture to your on premise IT
  • Windows Azure Authentication Library: a Deep Dive – Vittorio Bertocci announces the release and gives some further details of the first developer preview of the Windows Azure Authentication Library providing a bridge for client applications to authenticate against cloud based Windows Azure Active Directory.
  • Git on the cloud with Windows Azure – Flavien Charlon rounds up his recent series of posts looking at setting up a Git server environment on Windows Azure virtual machines.
  • Rich JavaScript Applications – the Seven Frameworks (Throne of JS, 2012) – Steve Sanderson shares notes from the Throne of JS conference’s look at 7 of the MVVM client side libraries comparing them head to head, proving to be a useful resource for those deciding between implementations.
  • Hands-on Backbone.js and PragPub Magazine – The Pragmatic Bookshelf highlights their latest publication and the August edition of PragPub Magazine, featuring the final part of a series on Scala, an article looking at functional programming from the point of view of an imperative programmer, and much more.
  • A First In – First Out JavaScript Queue – Joe Stagner takes a look at implementing a First In First Out queue (FIFO) in JavaScript, in preparation for hooking it up to a Web Worker in the next part of this series.
  • Why TCP is evil and HTTP is king – Ayende discusses why using HTTP in preference to raw TCP gives significant gains in terms of understanding, and ability to debug due to nice HTTP debugging tools like Fiddler.