• "Time-Saving Features in Visual Studio 2012 and ASPNET 4.5" Free E-book – Carl Bergenhem highlights a free e-book from the team at Telerik which looks at the key new features of Visual Studio 11 / 2012 and .NET 4.5. The e-book, written by Carl and Joshua Holt includes details of features, tips and tricks for the new features in ASP.NET and Visual Studio including improved CSS and JavaScript support Web API, strongly typed data binding, and much more.
  • Lifting ForEach, Breaking Change in Visual Studio 2012 – Kathleen Dollard highlights a significant breaking change in .NET 4.5 to do with closures / lambda expressions and variable inclusion from the outer scope. The change means that the common error of not copying the variable locally will no longer occur.
  • Querying ASP.NET Web API with OData querying parameters – Lê Hoàng D?ng takes a look at the OData querying support in WebAPI which allows queries to be passed on the query string for methods which return IQueryable.
  • Do we really need Web API instead of ASP.NET MVC? – Ugo Lattanzi discusses his feelings on the need for WebAPI over MVC,focusing in on the ‘killer’ feature, content negotiation as the main reason to use WebAPI.
  • Jazz Up Your C# Code – CodeProject – Charles Wiebe and John Hansen give an introduction to the Jazz Framework, a compact modular framework for adding security to your applications. This CodeProject article gives a detailed overview of the use of the library, detailing what it is capable of and how it is implemented.
  • Working with the Different IIS Express Modes and HTTPS – Robert McMurray discusses the design architecture for IIS Express, looking at the Personal Web Server Mode and Application Server Modes, along with discussing the use of SSL with IIS Express.