Monday and Tuesday are public holidays here in the UK, so inkeeping with Morning Brew tradition there will be no editions on those days, with The Morning Brew returning on Wednesday 6th June. Have a great Weekend!

Visual Studio & .NET 4.5

Windows 8

  • Delivering the Windows 8 Release Preview – Steven Sinofsky announces the release of the Release Candidate of Windows 8, highlighting the new applications, features and improvements which have gone into this final pre-release edition of Windows 8
  • Windows Release Preview: The Sixth IE10 Platform Preview – The Internet Explorer Team announce the inclusion of the 6th platform preview edition of Internet Explorer 10 as a part of the Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 release candidate release. This release includes improvements to help managing your privacy, touch support in Adobe Flash, improved web standards support with the removal of vendor prefixes from functionality which has reached Candidate Recommendation status.
  • Microsoft IIS 8.0 Express Release Candidate is Released! – Robert McMurray highlights the release candidate for Internet Information Services (IIS) Express 8.0, building on the functionality available in the full IIS 8.0 available in the Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 release candidates.
  • What’s changed for app developers since the Consumer Preview – Jake Sabulsky (with some help from Dave Bennett, Marc Wautier, Paul Chapman, Heather Brown, Keith Boyd, and Steve Wright) discusses the key changes to Windows 8 for application developers since the beta release,
  • Windows 8 Release Preview is out! – Jennifer Marsman highlights the Windows 8 release candidate and points to a number of related resources (including an all important product key) whih focus on aspects of the Windows 8 release, application development and market place.


  • Simple.Web – Mark Rendle reveals his latest project ‘Simple.Web’ a light weight framework which is friendly to TDD and BDD testing, supports async non-blocking request handling, does REST properly and is open an extensibile. Mark discusses the design goals, and how the framework works, along with sharing the video of his session at SkillsMatter’s Progressive .NET tutorial where he first revealed Simple.Web.
  • WiX v3.6 Release Candidate available. – Rob Mensching announces the release candidate of WiX 3.6, the latest incarnation of the Windows Installer XML tooling.



  • Registration is open for aspConf – Eric Hexter announces the opening of registration for aspConf, a free two day online virtual conference which will be focusing on Web Development on the .NET Stack whcih will take place on the 17th and 18th July. Registration of ‘attendees’ is open, as is the call for speakers.