• MVC Style parameter binding for WebAPI – Mike Stall continues his series of posts looking at binding in WebAPI, looking in this post at the IActionValueBinder implementation ‘MvcActionValueBinder’ which provides MVC style parameter binding
  • ASP.NET MVC Authentication – Global Authentication and Allow Anonymous – Jon Galloway kicks off a new blog post series looking at a variety of common questions, tips, and tricks regarding ASP.NET MVC. This first post in the series takes a look at Global Authentication, tracing the functionality back through the releases of ASP.NET MVC.
  • Consolidating jQuery Ajax Calls – Dan Wahlin takes a look at how you can use JavaScript objects to help encapsulate your AJAX calls, making a data service object to handle all your data work rather than littering calls across scripts.
  • Use the source, don’t read it – Inside 233 has an excellent little (hand written/drawn) guide to how you should best make use of the source access that open source gives you, discussing a number of useful approaches to ‘reading’ and comprehending source code.
  • Who knows Enumerable.Range(…)? – Andreas Gieriet highlights the much underused Enumerable.Range method for generating sequences of numbers in a range – a nice readable alternative to the standard for syntax.
  • MEF 2 Preview Beginners Guide – Dean Oliver gives a nice beginners overview to some of the new features which are planned to be included in the MEF (Mananged Extensibility Framework) 2 release.
  • I was going to call this post ‘Windows Azure Best Practices’ but I’m not allowed to – Despite not being officially called ‘Best Practices’ Buck Woody shares a number of good tips for making the most of Windows Azure and ensuring that your applications and code work as well as possible.
  • Custom errors and error detail policy in ASP.NET Web API – Jimmy Bogard shares some tips on how you can get full exception information out of the ASP.NET Web API using the IncludeErrorDetailPolicy.