• Windows Azure toolkit for Windows 8 – Hosam Kamel highlights the Windows Azure Toolkit for Windows 8, a collection of tools and guidance documentation to help you enable cloud features in your Windows 8 applications
  • Announcing VSPAT – ‘╦ťPattern Toolkit Builder’ – Jezz Santos announces the first public release of the VSPAT extension for Visual Studio 2010 which allows organisations to capture, communicate, and deploy best practice code and architecture within the organisation.
  • JustCode Visual Studio 11 Beta Support – The team over at Telerik announce the availability of an internal build of JustCode which adds support for Visual Studio 11 Beta. This release is available to all currently licensed users via their account pages.


  • Why not automatically infer constraints? – Eric Lippert discusses an oft requested feature for inferring types when used in inheritance structures, discussing a scenario where such a feature would be useful, and discussing why the compiler doesn’t infer in this instance.
  • Summary of Windows Azure Service Disruption on Feb 29th, 2012 – Bill Laing shares the official post mortem on the issues experienced with Windows Azure on 29th February in this detailed post. Even if you are not particularly interested in the details of the outage there is lots of good information on how Azure works which is well worth reading.
  • Why So Many Azure Storage Transactions – Randy Patterson highlights a few gotchas he experienced when working with Azure for the first time, experiencing high number of storage transaction being used due to a variety of logging and debug functionality being enabled.
  • How to access NuGet when is down (or you’re on a plane) – Scott Hanselman discusses how you can ‘keep calm and carry on’ in the face of a NuGet outage (like the one on Friday) by swapping to a feed made up of your local package cache that NuGet keeps in the background.
  • It’s The Little Things about ASP.NET MVC 4 – Phil Haack discusses the ASP.NET MVC 4 and WebAPI beta releases highlighting some of the smaller features and improvements to the platform which you might overlook
  • 9 Ways Your Brand New ASP.NET MVC Project Can Be Better – Michael Kennedy shares 9 thing you can do to ensure that your ASP.NET MVC projects are the best tey can be, including tidying up the solution, updating Nuget Packages, etc.
  • Community

  • Aberdeen Developers .Net User Group – April 2012 Meeting – The Aberdeen Developer .NET Usergroup welcomes Colin Mackay for a session on the Task Parallel Library on the evening of 26th April