• Announcing Reduced Pricing on Windows Azure Storage and Compute – Steven Martin announces the latest set of price reductions for Windows Azure, with reductions on Storage and extra small compute. This set of changes reduces the price of an Extra Small Compute instance and 100M B SQL Azure Database to under $20 per month
  • NServiceBus 3.0 Released – Udi Dahan announces the release of NServiceBus 3.0. This major new release adds features on the inside and outside, with major efforts on the inner architecture, along with Windows Azure Support, and much more


  • C#/.NET Little Wonders – The DateTimeOffset struct – James Michael Hare continues his C#/.NET Little Wonders series with a look at the DateTimeOffset structure and its role in parsing date times, allowing time zone information to be taken into account.
  • Eduasync 20: Changes between the VS11 Preview and the Visual Studio 11 Beta – Jon Skeet resumes his Eduasync series with a look at the changes made relating to Async between the Visual Studio 11 Preview and Visual Studio 11 Beta releases, along with highlighting the availability of source for his eduasync solution which is updated for the beta release.
  • They’re Here! SQL Server 2012 Early Adoption Cook Book Videos! – Roger Doherty highlights the availability of video content of the presentations and demos from the SQL Server 2012 Early Adoption CookBook, with 50 sessions looking at the features for developers, BI, Always On, and other SQL 2012 topics.
  • Migrating your apps from Developer Preview to Consumer Preview – John Sheehan discusses the migration of applications written against the Windows 8 Developer Preview and the newly released Consumer Preview, discussing a number of the significant changes to the platform and APIs and what you need to change in your applications.
  • On Writing Unit Tests for C# – Patrick Smacchia discusses some of the lessons he has learned in writing unit tests for his code for the last 8 years in an article for Simple Talk, based on a post on his blog from January. In the article Patrick discusses writing tests, coverage, execution of tests, code contracts, tooling, refactoring and design.
  • What’s New in Visual Studio 11 Beta Unit Testing – Peter Provost discusses the new and improved features for unit testing in Visual Studio 11 Beta, including the support for additional frameworks, the test runner, improvements to the MSTest framework, and the inclusion of the Visual studio Fakes Framework
  • Diff File made easy with VisualStudio 11 – Patrick Smacchia highlights the inclusion of File Diff support in Visual Studio 11 beta, accessible via a command line switch.
  • Removing the XML Formatter from ASP.NET Web API Applications – Rick Strahl discusses how you can remove the XML Formatter from Web API applications, meaning that when you request data from the API in your web browser you will get JSON data rather than the XML format which is generated by default due to the content negotiation rules and the content-type preferences of browsers.
  • Social Authentication for .NET – A Library Comparison – Marc Mezzacca takes a look at the range of different Social Authentication Libraries available for .NET, comparing DotNetOpenAuth + OpenID-Selector, SimpleSocialAuth.MVC3, SocialAuth,NET and Janrain Engage.
  • Plotting Circular Relationship Graphs with Silverlight – Colin Eberhardt shares a look at building a beautiful visualisation in the form of a Circular Relationship Graph in Silverlight in this very detailed (and code rich) CodeProject Article.