Update – Even later than planned as I forgot to hit publish!
A later than usual edition, mainly caused by me falling asleep while reading my way through RSS items for today’s edition – this is in no way a reflection on the quality of posts, and has much more to do with a busy week here in Bellevue at the MVP summit catching up on me


  • What’s New for Parallelism in .NET 4.5 Beta – Stephen Toub discusses some of the new features for parallel programming included in the .NET 4.5 beta release, including the increased proliferation of Aysnc methods, diving into some detail of SemaphoreSlim.WaitAsync, improvements to the TPL Dataflow and the use o the await pattern and much more
  • New Features for Web Development in Visual Studio 11 Beta & New time saving features for Web projects in Visual Studio 11 Beta – The Web Development Tools Team blog about some of the new features of the IDE which help web developers be more efficient in Dev11
  • What’s New in IIS 8 – Scott Forsyth shares a look at the new features of IIS8, available in the public beta release of Windows 8 Server made available from yesterday
  • WebApi and Json Deserialization into an object model – Derik Whittaker continues his look at the ASP.NET Web API included in the ASP.NET MVC4 beta, showing how easily the framework allows you to deserialize JSON data into objects.
  • NancyFX Migration from 0.9 to 0.10 – Alexander Beletsky shares his experiences in upgrading his IdeaStrike project from NancyFX 0.9 to the new 0.10 release stepping through the errors encountered during the upgrade and the resolution of those errors.
  • A NancyFx Content-Negotiation Extension – Richard Cirerol discusses implementing content negotiation in NancyFX, allowing Nancy based code to determine which data format best suits the consuming user agent.
  • Beginning F#: Records – Ian Voyce continues his series looking at Beginning F# with a look at the concept of Records in F’#, looking at their definition and use
  • Thread-Safety with the Interlocked Class – Richard Carr of BlackWasp takes a look at the use of the Interlocked class in multithreaded programming to assist with implementation of thread safety and the creation of atomic operations.
  • The open-source maturity model – Andreas Håkansson continues the debate around open source software, proposing a set of levels for how open source a project actually is. Interesting discussion, continued in the comments of this one.
  • What’s changed for app developers since //build/ (part 1) – Jake Sabulsky gives an update on the app development experience for Windows 8 applications in the new Community Preview release, outlining changes to XAML and HTML based applications, along with related functionality.
  • Software Performance for Metro Style Applications – Rico Mariani shares some thoughts on the creation of applications with good performance on the Windows 8 consumer preview, discussing some of the way that applications work, and how they drive you towards good user experience.
  • Internet Explorer 10 Consumer Preview Minor Changes List – Eric Lawrence shares a list of some of the minor changes included in the Internet Explorer 10 preview included in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, along with highlighting further resources on IE10.


  • Windows 8 UK Developer Tech.Days Events – Mike Taulty highlights 3 Tech.days events taking place at the end of March and April, and the beginning of May in London, Manchester and Edinburgh which will be focusing on development on the Windows 8 platform.
  • Series of Windows Azure Online Conferences – AnitahC highlights three 2 hour virtual events being held in late march looking at Windows Azure from the point of view of a new Azure developer, and experienced Azure developer and an architect / business decision maker