• Fluent Assertions 1.7.0 has been released – Dennis Doomen announces the latest release of this Fluent Assertions library. 1.7.0 Contains new functionality for checking collections of types for particular methods and attributes, XElament and XAttribute assertions along with bugfixes from the previous version. The library is available via NuGet.
  • EF 4.3 Beta 1 Released – The ADO.NET Entity Framework Team announces the release of the first beta of Entity Framework 4.3, the final planned public release before RTM. This release brings the Code First migrations into the main EF package, along with improvements to CodeFirst Migrations, and a variety of bugfixes for the DbContext API and CodeFirst.
  • DBDeploy.Net 2 – Robert May announces DBDeploy.NET 2, a complete re-write of the original DbDeploy which adds support for deployment to SQL Azure.


  • Autocorrecting unknown actions using the Levenshtein distance – Jef Claes takes a look at ‘autocorrecting’ calls to actions where the user gets the name of the action (on the URL) incorrect, taking a look at how ASP.NET MVC works internally, exploring the Levenshtein distance algorithm, and putting them both together into a neat solution.
  • A quick look at MetroRadio: quick spacing, margin, and icon tips for Windows Phone devs – Jeff Wilcox discusses some of the slight UX issues in a real world Windows Phone application, exploring both the actual application and looking at spacing and alignment and looking at how the application is displayed in the marketplace.
  • Comparing Strings in Unit Tests – Phil Haack discusses some of the pain in Unit testing when comparing strings, and how the output from the assert method is often less than useful in identifying what is wrong. Phil shares a simple method which supplements the output with a breakdown of the strings. Be sure to check out the comments for discussion of other techniques and libraries of helper asserts.
  • JavaScript Performance – Steve Souders shares slides and discussion from his recent talk at the San Francisco JavaScript Meetup where he looked at the implementation of the Google Analytics Async loader discussing its performance impacts.
  • Understanding CoffeeScript Comprehensions – Karl Seguin discusses the role of Comprehensions in CoffeeScript, illustrating their use with a simple example.
  • Unable to cast transparent proxy to type <type> – Rick Strahl discusses some of the difficulties you may encounter when working with code which loads types into different AppDomains, highlighting the use of the .NET Fusion Log Viewer for help in diagnosing issues when loading assemblies.
  • Input Parameters in Fluent API – Mehdi Khalili continues his series looking at his bddify library. This part of the series looks at how the library handles input parameters when working with the Fluent API allowing your test methods to be parameterised and to have the BDD scenario output reflect these values.
  • FAQ on Task.Start – Stephen Toub answers 8 commonly asked questions on the Task.Start method, discussing what the method is useful form how it differs from Task.Factory.StartNew, the role of Task.Result, and using tasks in your API.


  • New year, new venue and making more money! – The London based Windows Phone User Group welcome Alan Mendelvich to a new venue for a talk on making money with your Windows Phone 7 Applications on Tuesday 31st January.
  • Event: Straighten Spaghetti with C# 5 – The Cambridge NxtGenUG Chapeter welcome Jon Skeet for a session looking at making clean clear straight forward code using C#5 and the new Async support on the evening of Thursday 16th February 2012.