Today is the last edition of The Morning Brew in 2011 – I will be doing a short ‘2011 Review’ post tomorrow (Saturday) and, once again, due to New Year’s Day falling on a weekend I will be observing Morning Brew tradition in skipping the post on Monday 2nd January as it is a Public Holiday here in the UK. The Morning Brew will return on Tuesday 3rd January.



  • Shadowcasting in C#, Part Six – Eric Lippert wraps up his series on the casting of shadows using algorithms with a look at solving the problem for a viewer in any position, and also shares the project for the Silverlight Sample control to illustrate as a working example.
  • The Myth Of "Infinite Scalability" – Udi Dahan discusses some of the principles of scalability of software applications, discussing how scalability is a function of cost, an also discussing the different metrics to measure when discussing scalability, before calling time on the expression "infinite scalability"
  • Event Centric: finding key business value by leveraging domain events and reactive extensions – Daniel Cazzulino discusses one of the less talked about uses of the Reactive Extensions (Rx) for .NET, looking at how they can be used to work with domain events passed along an event stream.
  • Deploying independent web applications to Windows Azure using single web role – Gunnar Peipman builds on an article from Andy Cross working through a way of hosting multiple web applications on a single Windows Azure Web Role
  • MapReduce Tester: A Quick Word – Carl Nolan continues his exploration of the Hadoop Streaming F# MapReduce code, discussing how to create a simple tester for the Map and Reduce functions supporting the passing of data into the process.
  • F# – A Monadic Pratt Parser – Matthew Manela discusses the concepts behind a Pratt Parser as highlighted in Beautiful Code by Douglas Crockford, and goes on to look at implementing one in F# as a monad using computation expressions to give a clean and concise implementation.
  • Addition to the Coding4Fun Toolkit – MetroFlow – Den Delimarsky highlights the new MetroFlow control added to the latest release of the Coding4Fun Windows Phone 7 Toolkit, looking at the visual structure and how to use it from your XAML pages.
  • RavenDB videos on YouTube – Ayende highlights 5 video sessions which focus on different aspects of RavenDB use, all available for free on YouTube, giving you 4.5+ hours of learning.