• ASP.NET Security Update Shipping Thursday, Dec 29th – Scott Guthrie announces the planned release of an out of band security update for ASP.NET addressing security issues surrounding a new method to exploit hashtable data structures published at a security conference yesterday. The patch will be released at approximately 10am PST today (29th December) and there will be a webcast at 1pm PST (29th December) about the issue.
  • Coding4Fun.Phone.Toolkit v1.5.0 Now Available… – Greg Duncan highlights an updated release of the Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit. This updated release targets Windows Phone 7.1 (Mango) and brings with it some new appearances for controls, the MetroFlow control, along with addressing a number of bugs and issues,
  • VSColorOutput – Visual Studio Output Coloring Extension (Think "Adding color to the Build/Debug Output window text") – Greg Duncan also highlights the VSColorOutput Visual Studio Extension which adds the ability to colour the output of your applications in the output window making it easier to see the ‘wood for the trees’ in this oft busy text window.
  • StyleCop is out – Tatworth highlights the latest update to StyleCop which gives it support for running in ReSharper 6.1. There are no additional changes in this release.


  • Working with the JavaScript "this" Keyword – Dan Wahlin takes a look at the this keyword in JavaScript discussing what ‘this’ will be in a number of scenarios when using object and jQuery, along with sharing some extracts from his Pluralsight Structuring JavaScript code course.
  • On single page apps – Christian Heilmann discusses the rise (once again) of the single page web application, discussing its origins, benefits and disadvantages, along with some of the recent innovations in browsers which can make them better.
  • Extending Unity – Robert May takes a look at extending the Unity Container with a custom strategy for resolving types which does not require the types to be mapped but relies instead on naming conventions.
  • Method name conventions in bddify – Mehdi Khalili continues his series looking in detail at his bddify framework. This part explores the naming and structure of your tests, and the two different ways (reflective and fluent) of reading scenarios.
  • The Big Bang Transcripts Viewer – Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira works through the building of a Windows Phone application to read the transcripts of the comedy series ‘The Big Bang Theory’ looking at parsing the data and giving a good mobile like presentation of the scripts, making use of a number of the Windows Phone features along the way.
  • Windows Azure Trial Account Spending Limit – Jim O’Neil highlights the new and improved subscription process for Windows Azure, discussing the new Spending Limit features which allow you to better control the costs of your Windows Azure Trial and MSDN accounts.
  • An introduction to Agile development with Team Foundation Server: TFS Support for Agile practices – Giles Davies kicks off a series of posts looking at how Team Foundation Server supports agile development practices. This part provides an introduction to some of the key features and how they address agile concerns.
  • Publication of the PerfView performance analysis tool! – Vance Morrison highlights the new Performance Analysis tool from Microsoft – PrefView. Released recently this tool aims to fill in many of the gaps in the existing lineup of tools, and in this post Vance gives an overview of getting the tool, and highlights some of the key features.
  • Expanding your horizons: Actions – Ayende continues his discussions of learning, discussing theoretical learning and the benefits of rolling up your sleeves and experiencing some of the pain of actually implementing and working with technologies and learning other techniques along the way.
  • Silverlight slideshow with remote control and windows taskbar support – Giorgi Dalakishvili takes a look at using the Native Extensions for Silverlight constructing and sharing a simple slideshow application in Silverlight using the Native Extensions to add more Windows features to the application.