Today marks the last triple digit edition of The Morning Brew!



  • So many interfaces, part two – Eric Lippert revisits a topic from earlier in the year taking a look at interface re-implementation where your class explicitly states that it implements an interface that is already implemented in the inheritance hierarchy, showing how inheritance can be a much more complex topic that we may initially think.
  • C# Fundamentals: Returning Zero or One Item As IEnumerable<T> – James Michael Hare continues his C# Fundamentals series with a look at returning empty results collections or single results wrapped as IEnumerable<T>, exploring the use og List<T>, arrays and iterators, comparing their implementation in code and performance.
  • NuGet: little known features – Peter Kuhn discusses some of the less well know features of NuGet, discussing and highlighting documentation on creating your own NuGet feeds, making use of Package Restore as a part of your build process, and creating your own packages.
  • Use Projections and a Repository to Fake a Filtered Eager Load – Julie Lerman discusses one of the most requested features which is not currently in Entity Framework – sorting and filtering of eager loaded data – discussing the problem pace and showing how you can work around the current limitation in certain circumstances.
  • Hosted Execution of smaller code snippets with Roslyn – Filip Ekberg discusses the creation of a Roslyn based environment which allows you to run arbitrary C# code in a more isolated way than many of the existing REPL demonstrations support.
  • Test first != TDD – Kailuo Wang discusses the difference between writing your tests first and actually doing real Test Driven Development
  • 31 Days of Testing – Day 7: Automated Test Basics – Jim Holmes is pressing on with his Testing Series continuing with exploration of Automated Testing looking at the basics of NUnit testing.
  • Testing Web.config Transformations, Part 1 – Mads Troest takes a look at performing web.config transformations programmatically allowing you to create automated tests for your web.config transformations, looking at the use of IBuildEngine outside the MSBuild Process.


  • The SQL Server Conference – SQLBits 10 – 29 – 31 Mar 2012 – London – Registrations for SQL Bits X which runs between 29th and 31st March 2012 in London. The format of the event is the usual 2 days of paid for conference followed by the Saturday Community Day which is free for all (Registration required). SqlBits X is also doubling up as the SQL Server 2012 UK Launch event, so expect it to be bigger than ever.
  • Free OpenWrap workshop Saturday 10th December in Lier, Belgium – Sebastien Lambla is out in Belgium and will be running a 4 hour session on package management, Open Wrap, and composite systems this Saturday (10th December). The event is free, and includes a complimentary lunch.