• Daytona – Iterative MapReduce on Windows Azure – Josh Reuben gives a nice overview of the Microsoft Research Daytona project, a map reduce implementation which runs across multiple nodes on the Windows Azure Platform, discussing how it works, the API and looking at a sample of using it.
  • QUnit layout for JavaScript testing in MVC3 – Jonathan Creamer discusses the structuring of QUnit tests for JavaScript in your ASP.NET MVC applications, providing a simple framework to get you up and running.
  • Runtime code generation for types – Ivan Towlson continues his exploration of runtime code generation looking this time at creating whole new types at runtime using reflection emit to build the IL representations.
  • PragPub – Issue 30, December 2011 – The Pragmatic Bookshelf folks announce the December edition of PragPub magazine, available in HTML, PDF, epub and mobi formats, and covering Graphics Hardware, Just-In-Time logging, extending Java, and all the usual columns.
  • Is ThreadStatic a leaky abstraction? – Jimmy Bogard the use of ThreadStatic to control object lifecycle, suggesting that its use may result in a leaky abstraction, and suggesting alternatives for controlling lifecycle.
  • jQuery 1.7 Cheat Sheet – This nicely formatted jQuery 1.7 cheat sheet (well sheets really, its 8 pages long) gives a nice overview of the functionality of jQuery, and also highlights the areas which are new or updated in the 1.7 release.


  • Learn Windows Azure Next Tuesday (Dec 13th) – On December 13th Scott Guthrie is headlining a free day of developer training on Windows Azure which is running as both an in person event at Microsoft in Redmond and is also being streamed live. Both options are free and this is a great opportunity to learn more about the Windows Azure platform.
  • ALM SUMMIT 2011 Videos are Available NOW – Hosam Kamel highlights the availability of the session recordings from the recent ALM Summit 2011 on the Channel 9 site.
  • NxtGenUG – Event – Continuous Integration – Paul Stack will be visiting the Hereford NxtGenUG on Monday 13th February 2012 where he will be delivering a session on Continuous Integration.
  • NxtGenUG – Event – Being a Simple Nancy in WebDev – Mark Rendle takes a trip down to Southampton’s NxtGenUG on Thursday 16th February where he will be giving a session on the use of Simple.Data and the Nancy framework to bring Light weight web development to the .NET platform.