Happy Thanksgiving to my US Readers – Hope you have a great day.


  • Reducing JavaScript Code Using jsRender Templates in HTML5 Applications – Dan Wahlin discusses the new direction decided upon by the jQuery Team for templating in JavaScript, and shares a look at the new library in the templating world, jsRender, discussing its syntax and use.
  • Using the Roslyn Symbol API – Kevin Pilch-Bisson continues on with his exploration of the Roslyn CTP release, taking a look at the next stage of the Compiler Pipeline and exploring how Roslyn allows you to work with the symbols.
  • A year of the super-duper-happy-path! – Andreas Håkansson celebrates 1 year of working on the Nancy framework, discussing its origins, extraordinary uptake and growth of the framework and developer community behind the project.
  • 31 Days of Mango | Day #24: Performance Analysis – Jeff Blankenburg’s 31 days of Mango continue with a guest post from Chris Koenig discussing the importance of the performance of your mobile applications, and discussing how you can identify performance issues using the Windows Phone Performance Analysis.
  • Mango Sample: Data Validation – Jerry Nixon also presses on with his samples taking a look at implementing input validation rules in your Windows Phone Applications.
  • Windows Phone Free eBook & Demos – Lee Stott highlights the free and comprehensive Programming Windows Phone eBook from Rob Miles, which has been updated to include content about Mango. Along with the book you also get a collection of the sample applications from the book in source code format.
  • Powershell script to re-install Nuget packages – ‘lucascan’ shares a simple PowerShell script you can use in the Package Manager Console to re-install all the packages your project / solution uses. Users who want to full automate this type of action as a part of the build process may want to take a look at the NuGetPowerTools
  • RavenDB – Replication & Master <-> Master support – Ayende discusses how RavenDB can implement Master-Master replication of data and how this can be used as a fail over scenario, also discussing how RavenDB manages the possible conflicts this type of active-active setup can cause.
  • [Coming very soon] Visual Studio Achievements (Yes, achievement Achievements!) – Greg Duncan highlights the Channel 9 Visual Studio Achievements, a chance for you to add achievements to your Channel 9 profile as you code by way of a Visual Studio Extension coming soon – neat idea 🙂


  • Join us for DevLatest Manchester – DevLatest welcome you to an evening of discussion of everything app from ideas, through development to marketing in Manchester on Tuesday 6th December