• jQuery 1.7.1 Released – The jQuery Team announce the official release of jQuery 1.7.1, a release which addresses a significant number of bugs and issues reported with the 1.7 release. The distribution will have made its way on to the major CDN’s by now, and I believe the NuGet package has also been updated.


  • Eduasync part 16: Example of composition: majority voting – Jon Skeet continues his series looking at the creation of Eduasync, an implementation of async / await from first principles which serves to illustrate some of the significant areas of its implementation. This post continues the move to looking at the features of Async digging deeper into the composition looking at the implementation of Majority Voting.
  • Clean Architecture – ‘Uncle’ Bob Martin discusses the importance of decoupling the layer of your architecture to give you clean architecture and enable clean code, highlighting some related blog content and discussing a piece from ‘The Frustrated Architect’
  • Stop premature email sending with NServiceBus – Jimmy Bogard discusses how decoupling parts of your application using a message bus like NServiceBus can allow you to reap the benefits of this more transactional supporting way of working, looking at a particular example where sending a message over the bus to send an email allows you to make email sending much more transactional and controlling with your business logic transaction.
  • Modernizr.js: Polyfills – K. Scott Allen continues his discussion of Modernizr, answering some common questions about feature detection using Modernizr before moving on to discuss Polyfills and their use to fill gaps in functionality.
  • Backbone vs Knockout – Derick Bailey looks at the two ‘competing’ JavaScript MVVM frameworks – Backbone and Knockout – discussing the strengths and weaknesses of each, talking about creating apps with both and suggesting that you may want to use both, playing to the strengths of each.
  • Evolving ECMAScript – Shanku Niyogi, Amanda Silver, John Montgomery, Luke Hoban and Steve Lucco of the Microsoft JavaScript Team discuss the proposed functionality they presented at the Ecma TC39 meeting which aim to improve the JavaScript language’s capabilities in numbers, maths, string and globalisation.
  • 31 Days of Mango | Day #23: Execution Model – Jeff Blankenburg’s 31 days of Mango series continues with another guest authored post, this time from Samidip Basu, In this post Samidip discusses the application execution model, looking at the application events, states and illustrates with a sample.
  • The Windows Phone Application Bar – Amar Nityananda is also looking at Windows Phone functionality and in this post discusses the use of the application bar, looking at sourcing and implementing custom icons and combining the application bar with the pivot control.
  • Introduction to WCF Web API – New REST Face of .NET & WCF Web API Plays Nice With ELMAH – A Quick Introduction to WCF Web API HttpErrorHandler – Tugberk Ugurlu gives an introduction to the WCF Web API, discussing its role in giving services a REST’ful implementation by way of a worked example. Tugberk also discusses combining the WCF Web API with ELMAH for improved error handling in your services.
  • Declarative multithreading – ‘gossd’ discusses the principles of Declarative Threading, sharing a simple example and a library which implements the Declarative Threading behaviours in this Code Project article.
  • Thread Synchronization with Interlocked Class – Pranjit Kalita is also looking at threading with a discussion of the use of the Interlocked class to provide thread safe variable operations.