• CoffeeScript 1.1.3 – The CoffeeScript team announce the latest version of CoffeeScript. Version 1.1.3 brings improvements to the formatting of the generated JavaScript, support for binary numbers, along with a number of other new features and bugfixes / improvements


  • Clean up after Visual Studio – Paul Sheriff discusses the many places which Visual Studio and .NET leave files as a part of your development, and talks about removing them to clean up your machine, free disk space and improve the performance of your machine.
  • The Developer’s Guide to App Fabric November 2011 – Alan Smith highlights the November 2011 update to his ‘Developers Guide to App Fabric’. This update expands on the content regarding the Service Bus brokerd messaging features. The guide is available in both PDF and CHM formats
  • Channel 9 Moves to the Cloud with Windows Azure – The Windows Azure team blog highlights the migration of Microsoft’s Channel 9 website onto the Windows Azure Platform and the discussion of the move in an article by Duncan Mackenzie where he discusses the process of the move and shares some of the lessons they learnt in the process.
  • Using AppHarbor, Bitbucket and Mercurial with ASP.NET and Silverlight – Part 2 CouchDB, Cloudant and Hammock – Erno de Weerd continues this series of posts looking at building an application to host in the cloud using AppHarbor, ASP,NET, Silverlight, etc. This part looks at storing data in the cloud using hosted CouchDB
  • Rethink Your Data – Karl Seguin discusses the different way of thinking about your data that you need to have in order to make NoSql data stores work efficiently for you.
  • Building a jQuery Mobile Application, Part 1 – Jorge Ramon kicks off a new series of posts looking at building mobile applications using the jQuery Mobile toolkit, looking at performing the build in a behaviour driven development approach using Jasmine.
  • HTML5 App versus HTML5 Page – What’s the Difference ? – Joe Stagner discusses what he percieves as the difference between an HTML5 Application and an HTML5 page, and how thinking of them as Applications brings a more significant mind shift to what the future of web applications may look like.
  • Working with Prism 4 Part 1: Getting Started – Brian Noyes kicks off a series of posts exploring the use of the Microsoft Patterns and Practices Prism Toolkit for building composite applications in Silverlight, discussing some of the background to composite applications, and bootstrapping a simple application in a step by step work through.
  • Secure Strings – AbhishekGoenka gives a short introduction to the .NET Framework’s SecureString class which stores strings in memory in an encrypted form so that the data contained in the strings in memory cannot easily be ready from outside the application.
  • ConcurrentDictionary Performance Improvements in .NET 4.5 – Igor Ostrovsky discusses some of the performance improvements made to the concurrent dictionary which will be included in the .NET 4.5 release. The two optimisations brings anywhere between a 30% to 300% improvement in performance.
  • Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview – Project Backward Compatibility (Round-Tripping) – Zain Naboulsi discusses one of the most requested features for Visual Studio, which is included in Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview – the ability to round trip projects between the new and older version of the IDE.
  • Typing with Speed and Accuracy in IE10 – Travis Leithead discusses the introduction of spell checking and autocorrect in Internet Explorer 10, using some of the OS features of Windows 8 (which includes spell checking across all applications), and how they will also be including these features for IE10 running on Earlier versions of Windows too.
  • Charles shares his Windows 8 stream story (or How he learned to deal without most of file stuff in System.IO…) – Greg Ducnan highlights an article from Charles Petzold discussing his experiences in developing on Windows 8 and how he is now understanding why the System.IO namespace is so empty on Windows 8 WinRT applications.
  • 31 Days of Mango | Day #8: Contacts API – Jeff Blankenburg continues this 31 days of Mango series with a look at the Contact API which allows your applications to search and use the contact information already stored in your phone’s address book.


  • Progressive F# Tutorials 2011 – Phil Trelford gives an overview of the happenings at last week’s Progressive F# Tutorials event held at Skills Matter, discussing the sessions presented, where you can get the recordings, and talking about some of the code on show.