• Breaking changes and named arguments – Eric Lippert thanks the community for it feedback on the Roslyn CTP, and discusses the nature of breaking changes caused by renaming parameters, both when using named parameters in C#, and how parameter name changes have always been a potential breaking change in VB.NET.
  • Testing Entity Framework applications, pt. 2: Typemock – Thomas Weller continues his series of posts looking at testing Entity Framework applications with a look at using TypeMock to mock the data layer, looking at using it to swap in fake instances for the actual implementations.
  • The life story of the SwitchToThisWindow function – Raymond Chen digs back into the dim distant past to discuss the task switching via ALT+TAB in Windows 3.1, and how hosting full screen DOS applications inside Windows presented certain challenges.
  • Useful Visual Studio Extension – Web Essentials from Mads Kristensen – Scott Hanselman highlights the Web Essentials Visual Studio Extension from Mads Kristensen, Mads’ own playground of potential Visual Studio features to make web development in Visual Studio better.
  • First Stable Build of NodeJs on Windows Released – Claudio Caldato highlights the significance of the 0.6 release of Node.js for developers on Windows as this is the first stable version which supports operation on Windows and within IIS using IISNode.
  • Debug node.js applications on Windows with iisnode integrated debugging – Tomasz Janczuk discusses the debugging capabilities of Node.js running under IISNode on Windows
  • 31 Days of Mango | Day #7: Raw Camera Data – Jeff Blankenburg continues his month of posts looking at the Windows Phone Mango developer experience, continuing today with a look at using a live feed of data from the camera included in all Windows Phone devices
  • Semantic Versioning ( – Greg Duncan highlights the ‘official’ site for Semantic Versioning which outlines the goals and aims of using this versioning scheme which is rapidly being adopted by a number of projects.
  • Track memory usage of your Windows Phone 7.1 app in real time – Jeremy Alles shares some code to help you track the memory usage of your Windows Phone applications while testing / developing them, helping you to conform to the platform certification requirements for the market place.
  • That Accelerometer simulator thingie, where is it? – Surf4Fun shares a useful tip about the location of the simulator for the Accelerometer in the Windows Phone Emulator environment, allowing you to experiment with the accelerometer in your development environment.
  • An F# Web Server From Sockets and Up – Anton Tayanovskyy takes a look at F# Async and combines it with sockets to create a simple web server implementation which offers pretty impressive performance for such little code.