• EF 4.2 Released – The Entity Framework Team announce the release of Entity Framework 4.2. This version brings Entity Framework onto a more logical semantic versioning scheme, an also recifies the issue with Providers which had been causing profiler tools issues with Entity Framework.
  • Glimpse 0.86 Released – Anthony van der Hoorn announces the latest release of Glimpse, a tool to allow you to see what is going on server side in your ASP.NET web applications. This release adds a really nice looking timeline visualization of the page loading process, and the Glimpse.EF package allows you to see what Entity Framework queries are being executed.
  • EventStore v3.0 Release – Jonathan Oliver announces the release of the 3rd major version of his EventStore project. The library is available both as pre-build binary download and also as NuGet Packages. This new version is for .NET 4.0 only, and includes numerous new features, and significant fixes over the beta release.
  • jQuery 1.7 RC2 Released – The jQuery Team announce the release of their second Release Candidate of jQuery 1,7. This release includes a significant fix which resolves major issues with Internet Explorer 8, along with lots of other changes and fixes.
  • Introducing to AutoF5 Nuget Package: Live Editing in ASP.NET – Hongye Sun shares a NuGet Package which adds long poll functionality to your pages and monitors changes to source files (CSS, HTML, etc) and forces the browser to refresh when changes are detected, meaning that your browser always reflects your latest changes – neat idea for styling development work


  • 5 Tips and Techniques for Avoiding Automatic GC Collections – Michael McLaughlin discusses a number of tricks you can use to help your application avoid some of the pain of large automatic garbage collections, discussing the use of Reference vs Value types, Structs instead of classes, object pooling, setting inital capacities for collections, common operations which can cause garbage collection, and also manually forcing garbage collection when it suits you.
  • 31 Days of Mango | Day #2: DeviceStatus – Jeff Blankenburg has kicked off a series of daily posts throughout November which are looking at various aspects of development on the Windows Phone 7.1 Mango platform. This second day post looks at the DeviceStatus class and what it can tell you about the device your application is running on.
  • November PragPub Magazine – The Pragmatic Bookshelf announce the availability of the November edition of their PragPub online magazine. This month features articles on Test Driven Development, Scope Creep, Root Cause Analysis, iOS 5, and much more.
  • A few tips to get up and running with the Azure AppFabric Access Control Service – Sandrino Di Mattia shares some tips to help you getting up and running with the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control functionality
  • Updating live tiles without draining your battery – Steven Sinofsky posts on the implementation of the Notification Platform within Windows 8 discussing some of the design goals to allow vast numbers of notifications and Live Tiles without drastic effect on performance or battery life.
  • Windows Phone 7 Coding Dojo video… A 66 minute journey to a LOB WP7 app – Greg Duncan highlights a series of videos showing the creation of a real world Windows Phone Line of Business application, usingMVVM Light, calling web services based on Object Client for SharePoint. The first video looks at the creation of the project and getting started.
  • Yahoo! Announces Cocktails – Shaken, Not Stirred, How YQL powers Cocktails, the technology behind Livestand & YUI for Cocktails – The Yahoo Developer Network blog announces their new technology platform based on HTML5, Node.JS, CSS3 and JavaScript. The JavaScript framework component (‘Mojito’) will be made open source early next year, and follows an MVC approach.