• How To Produce Bug-Free Software – Derek Greer discusses the meaning of the term ‘bug’ offering a slight twist on the standard meaning and discussing development practices which can help you eradicate bugs as defined by his definition.
  • Actions in WCF Data Services – Alex James takes a look at the new OData Action feature included in the October WCF Data Services CTP, showing some of the things you can achieve with actions in this release, and some of the capabilities that will be available in the RTM time frame.
  • Using Geospatial Data – The WCF Data Services Team also discuss the inclusion of geospatial data support in the new CTP for non-entity framework providers (currently), showing how you can add geospatial data to your model classes and query against it.
  • Tips For Using Backbone.js Routers With HTML5 PushState – Derick Bailey continues his discussion of Backbone.js with a look at some of the problems he encountered with using Backbone Routers with HTML5 PushState, concluding that you don’t need routers if you are using PushState.
  • A day in the life of compiler bugfixing – Lucian Wischik gives a glimpse into the life of a compiler developer discussing the work that the VB/C# teams are doing now to ensure that the Async functionality of the new language versions works correctly even though the previews seem feature complete.
  • Challenging non-local session scope (session-per-request) – Jeffrey Palermo discusses how he has started to use an NHibernate Session per Transaction rather than request in his applications meaning giving tighter control of when database queries can occur, and is looking to start discussion and get feedback on this practice
  • Viewmodel extractors in ASP.NET MVC – Jef Claes shares a technique he has been using to keep his controllers as lean as possible by moving the mapping from model to ViewModel (and back again) out to a set of ViewModel Extractor classes.
  • Never Mind the Controller, Here is the Orchestrator – Dino Esposito is also looking at the size of his controllers and looking at using a modified Orchestrator component to move logic out of the controller.
  • Essential jQuery Plugin Patterns – Addy Osmani takes a look at some of the key patterns used in developing jQuery Plugins along with discussing practices which will make your plugins better. This is a long article with plenty of code, and jumping off points to further information.