• Announcing WCF Data Services Oct 2011 CTP for .NET 4 and Silverlight 4 – Abhiram Chivukula of the WCF Data Services Team announces the October 2011 CTP release of WCF Data Services. This release targets .NET 4 and Silverlight 4 introduces new and updated features to the platform including Vocabularies, ODataLib .NET client and server, Actions and Spatial primitives
  • Nancy: v0.8.1 just out the door – Andreas Håkansson highlights a service release of Nancy which addresses some of the high priority bugs found in the 0.8 release
  • Windows Azure Autoscaling Block BETA is out – Grigori Melnik announces the availability of a beta release of the Windows Azure AutoScaling Block, available via NuGet as both binary and source distributions. This release adds new features and improvements including support for email notifications for scaling operations, Application throttling rules and improved configuration.
  • Web Workbench 2.0 – Faster, Minification and Pro – Mindscape announce the release of their second edition of their Web Workbench Visual Studio Extension which adds support for Sass, Less and CoffeeScript to the Visual Studio IDE. Version 2 introduces a pay for model with the ‘Pro’ edition along with a commitment to keeping all the previous V1 functionality available for free.
  • Woohoo! We’re pleased to announce the Microsoft acquisition of Skype has closed – Eric Ligman highlights the completion of the Microsoft acquisition of Skype, an almost 6 month in the making deal



  • The Stack – Liverpool .Net User Group – November 2011 – The Stack Usergroup in Liverpool (UK) are hosting two sessions from Gill Cleeren on the evening of Monday 21st November. Gill will be delivering a session on Windows 8 Development and WinRT and will also be showing how to build a Windows Phone 7 application from start to finish.
  • Upcoming Free VS ALM Webcasts – Dave McKinstry highlights a series of web casts he will be delivering with Ed Blankenship and Anna Russo looking at the testing features of Visual Studio ALM. Sessions run at the end of this month and during December between 1 and 2 PM CST.