• Windows Phone Power Tools 1.1 – Oren Nachman announces the second release of the Windows Phone Power Tools, taking the version number to 1.1. This release includes an updated UI with a Metro look and feel, and addresses issues with uploads into isolated storage.
  • Cmdlet Help Editor is now released on CodePlex – Wassim Fayed announces the release of the source code on CodePlex for the Cmdlet Help Editor, a tool which helps you build help content for your PowerShell Cmdlets in the format which PowerShell can read.
  • Python Tools for VS – Mike Stall highlights the Python Tools for Visual Studio, a free download which adds support for CPython development to the Visual Studio 2010 IDE.


  • Touch Input for IE10 and Metro style Apps – Jacob Rossi discusses the introduction of touch input mechanisms for Internet Explorer 10 and the Metro Applications as a part of the Windows 8 Developer Preview, taking a look at the JavaScript code you can use to handle these touch events.
  • Dependency Management in .Net: Get – Derek Greer follows on from his previous post on making use of NuGet without using Visual Studio, sharing a simple tool that can be used from any build process to easily fetch specific NuGet Packages.
  • WPF 4.5 – Part 1 : Asynchronous data validation, Part 2 : Improved WeakEventManager & Part 3 : New methods of the Dispatcher – Jonathan Antoine takes a look a tthe new features of WPF 4.5 released last week as a part of the Developer Preview release of .NET 4.5 in this new series of posts taking a looka t the new INotifyDataErrorInfo interface, the generic WeakEventManager class, and the introduction of a number of new methods on the Dispatcher, including support for Async
  • Reengineering the Windows boot experience – Steven Sinofsky returns to blogging after the //Build/ conference with a discussion of how the Windows 8 team have re-engineered the boot process for Windows 8, speeding up the process and improving the user experience.
  • Git workflows with git-tfs – Jimmy Bogard highlights git-tfs, a bridge which allows you to work with TFS based repositories using Git locally, discussing reasons to use it, and taking a look at it in use.
  • Multi-Platform Apps with HTML5 and IE9 – Susan Ibach shares an article from David Wesst looking at designing and developing applications using HTML5 and Internet Explorer 9 which target use on the web and also as a desktop application using OS integrations with the task bar, and discusses taking this to the next level with mobile devices.
  • Building your first Windows Metro style app using C#, C++, or Visual Basic – The Windows DevCenter has a number of new tutorials helping you get to grips with development against all the new features of Windows 8 including this nice one on building your first Metro application using a variety of different languages.
  • Regex engine updated to allow timeouts in .NET 4.5. – Ahmad Mageed takes a look at some fo the new functionality in the .NET Framework 4.5 with a look at some new features of the Regular Expression engine which allows you to add timeouts to your regular expressions.


  • Plug for our Windows Phone Online Conference – Mike Ormond highlights and reminds us about the free Online conference on Windows Phone Development being held on October 5th and focusing on Design from a User Perspective.
  • What to expect at the up-coming Windows Azure Bootcamp? – Paul Lo discusses the Windows Azure boot camp events wihch are runing at a number of venues across the UK over the next few weeks, with the first in Manchester this week, discussing what you can expect at the event and highlighting the pre-work you should do before the event to get the most out of it.