Don’t forget, today is the last day for entries to win a ticket to the Skills Matter / London .NET Usergroup Progressive .NET Tutorials – I will be drawing the winner tomorrow morning.


  • Introducing the Knockout.Unobtrusive Plugin – Brandon Satrom shares Knockout.Unobtrusive, a plugin for the KnockoutJS framework which makes it possible to represent your binding in code rather than declarativly using data-bind attributes. The plugin was written using CoffeeScript to generate the actual JavaScript implementation, and has a suite of unit tests written in qUnit.


  • NuGet Support for Visual Studio 2008 – Scott takes a look at bringing some of the shiny NuGet functionality to the Visual Studio 2008 world, via use of the existing external tools functionality of the IDE.
  • Writing an ASP.NET MVC Controller Inspector – Phil Haack discusses the extensibility of ASP.NET MVC, and how you can swap out the mapping of controllers to types and actions to methods with your own implementation of the ControllerDescriptor and ActionDescriptor, introducing the Controller Inspector, which digs into and provides information about your controllers.
  • A Simple Example For Backbone.ModelBinding – Derick Bailey shares a simple example which makes use of this Backbone.ModelBinding plugin, allowing you to see it in use
  • Edge cases and impossibilities – Jimmy Bogard discusses the three types of behaviour our systems have, how the system Should, Does and Did behave, discussing how these factors lead to assumptions which allow us to ignore possibilities when debugging issues when in fact we should consider them improbable edge cases.
  • NHibernate Pitfalls: Ghosts – Development With A Dot – Recardo Peres discusses the importance of getting your data types correct between your NHibernate mapping and your database, discussing some of the fail cases incorrect mappings can cause.
  • Inheritance mapping strategies in Fluent Nhibernate – Igor Ignatov discusses the different types of mapping available in NHibernate for Inheritance structures, looking at the class and database structure, along with the mapping in FluentNHibernate.
  • The Like keyword in VB.Net and the equivalent in C# – Christiaan Baes highlights a little know keyword in Visual Basic.NET which has no equivalent in C#. The Like keyword allows for SQL Server like matching in your VB.NET Code.
  • Writing your own cross-browser polyfills – Addy Osmani discusses the creation of cross browser Pollyfills whcih patch in HTML5 functionality into browsers which don’t support the features, giving detailed background, along with looking at some of the techniques to use to make good pollyfill implementations.


  • MVPs Bring Together Hundreds of Developers to Hack Kinect and Build Games in Sydney – Nick Ellery, an MVP Lead in Australia gives an overview of last month’s Developer Deverloper Developer Sidney event which saw 280 attendees enjoy a 1 day conference across 4 tracks, and a subsequent hack day event looking at Windows Phone Mango and Kinect. DDD community events are a great way to gain knowledge and meet your peers, and it’s great to see the format being taken on in other parts of the world.
  • FubuMVC Webinar: F102 – FubuMVC In Action – Josh Arnold reminds us that tomorrow (Friday) sees the second part of his webinar series on FubuMVC, with the session looking at View engines and HTML conventions, Validation, custom behaviours, bootstrapping an partials.