• Extended WPF Toolkit Release 1.5.0 – Brian Lagunas announces the release of the latest version of the Extended WPF Toolkit. Version 1.5 is available from the project site and also as a NuGet Package, and includes a number of new controls, a ChecListBox, CollectionEditor & CollectionEditorDialog, DropDownButtons, MultiLineTextEditor, PrimitiveTypeCollectionEditor, and Wizard. This version also introduces a new sample browser application to aid your use of these controls.
  • Rx Contrib – new release – Bnaya Eshet announces the release of an updated edition of Rx Contrib, updating to support the latest version of the Reactive Extensions as well as the previous one, and introducing some significant refactoring and new features.
  • Microsoft All-In-One Code Framework August Code Sample Updates – Jialiang Ge highlights the release of the August All-In-One Code Framework code sample updates, bringing a further 15 code samples across the range of Microsoft Technologies
  • Run QUnit tests under Continuous Integration with NQUnit – Joshua Flanagan highlights some work by Robert Moore and Miguel Madero in taking Joshua’s original work on running jQuery QUnit tests under continuous integration, upgrading and fixing the code to make it work with the latest versions of WatIN and NUnit, and making it available as a NuGet package.
  • Security updates for August – Benjamin Moebius highlights the range of security patches released this patch Tuesday, including patches for Internet Explorer, Visual Studio and the .NET Framework.


  • The DRY obsession – Joel Abrahamsson discusses the over reliance on the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle without enough reference to other programming principles can he harmful to your code
  • Exploring CoffeeScript Part 6 – Show Me the Goodies ! – Jan Van Ryswyck continues his series exploring the use of CoffeeScript, taking a look at String Interpolation, Destructuring Assignments, Strict Equality, Conditionals, and the Existential Operator.
  • Rx and Schedulers – Mike Taulty discusses some unexpected Reactive Extensions behaviour, looking at how the scheduler being used affects significantly the end results of your Rx Code.
  • The BackboneJS and Knockout Danceoff – Rob Conery discusses his decision to use BackboneJS in his TekPub MVC3 series rather than Knockout, exploring the similarities and differences between the two JavaScript frameworks
  • HTML5: Edition for Web Authors – The W3C released the working draft of ‘HTML5: Edition for Web Authors’ a version of the HTML5 Specification tailored to Web Developers, omitting all the documentation intended for User Agent (browser) manufacturers.
  • An Introduction to Razor Syntax – Brian Mains gives a nice short and to the point introductory post on the Razor View Engine Syntax


  • Weekly technical webcasts – 10-12 August 2011 – Ray Fleming highlights a series of Webcast events running weekly through to December this year, covering a wide range of technical topics, both Developer and ITPro. The events are scheduled for 2-4PM Australian Eastern Time, so will be in the early hours of the morning here in the UK, but should be more achievable for US readers.
  • Agile Week 2011: 40% off – The folks over at Pragmatic Bookshelf are celebrating Agile Week by giving 40% of all titles ordered through their site.
  • Announcement from Linked.NET Users Group (LIDNUG) – The Linked In .NET User Group have 4 events planned over the next 2 months, with Jeffrey Ricther delivering a session on Thread Synchronisation on 15th August, Robin Shahan on Azure for Developers on 26th August, Jeff Prosise looking at What’s new in Windows Phone 7.1 "Mango" on 30th August and Scott Guthrie’s 9th Unplugged session on 22nd September. All sessions are delivered via LiveMeeting and are well worth checking out.