• Another Helping of Mango for Devs – Hot on the heels of the Windows Phone Mango RTM release, the Windows Phone Developer Team announce a refresh of the developer tools entitled ‘Windows Phone SDK 7.1 “Beta 2 Refresh”’, along with the news that any devices which devs have already upgraded to Mango will be able to be updated to build 7712, the final pre-release build of Mango


  • Request for Comments: Issues with .NET and Microsoft Product Versioning – Scott Hanselman discusses the complex world of version numbering in Microsoft products, discussing some of the more confusing decisions that have been made, and asking for developer feedback for how to version things in the future.
  • The Top 5 .NET Memory Management Misconceptions – Clive Tong takes a detailed look at 5 of the most common .NET Memory Management myths, exploring what the garbage collector does, memory leaks, how different types of objects are treated, and the use of performance counters to monitor the GC
  • HTML5 Drag and Drop in IE10 PPB2 – Sharon Newman of the Internet Explorer Team discusses the support for HTML5 Drag and Drop in Internet Explorer 10 preview 2, discussing its implementation in a magnetic poetry IE Test Drive sample.
  • Stephen Toub says, "I’ve got your Samples for Parallel Programming with the .NET… right here…" – Greg Duncan highlights a great collection of parallel programming samples from Stephen Toub which make use of Parallel LINQ, and the Task Parallel Library
  • WCF Web API with Web Activator package – Thang Chung discusses the use of the Web Activator NuGet package with the WCF Web API library to provide the startup hooks needed to ensure that your integrations with IOC are hooked up correctly.
  • Speech Recognition (Page 1 of 2) – The folks over at BlackWasp take a look at the Speech Recognition support provided in XP SP3 and later windows releases which can easily be consumed by .NET 3.0 and later allowing you to use speech recognition in your own applications.
  • Windows Phone (Mango) DB Engines Performance Testing – Max Paulousky takes a look at the features and performance characteristics of two of the popular choices for database on the Windows Phone 7 platform, putting Sql CE and Sterling DB through their paces.


  • DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Belfast – 1 Oct 2011 – The DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper team announce the opening of the call for speakers for the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper event to be held in Belfast at the University of Ulster on Saturday 1st October. If you are interested in delivering a talk at this event get your proposal in now.
  • LDNUG AUG10: Modelling and Waiting – The London DotNet User Group welcome Liam Westley for a session on the Async CTP and C#5, along with Ian Cooper for a session entitled ‘Introduction to DDD Part 1 – Modeling’ exploring Domain Driven Design techniques for modeling a business domain. The event is to be held on Wednesday 10th August at EMC Consulting in London.