• Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is Available Today – Jason Zander announces the availability of Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011, the first release of this new developer product. Currently the release is available to MSDN subscribers, with General Availability coming on Thursday, when a 90 day trial will be made available
  • Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 RTM is Here – We made it! – Beth Massi shares the announcement of Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 and also highlights some of the learning resources already available including starter kits, instructional videos, tutorials and code samples.
  • LightSwitch 2011 is Here! No More Excuses! – Steven Lange also highlights the release, sharing a video which introduces the LightSwitch product and also highlights in detail some of the starter kits and other resources.
  • Windows Phone "Mango" Released to Manufacturing – The Windows Phone Blog announces the Release To Manufacturing of the Windows Phone Mango Operating System update, meaning that device manufacturers are now busy working on the integration with their phones and networks.
  • EF 4.1 Update 1 Released – The ADO.NET Entity Framework Team announce an update release to Entity Framework 4.1 (Code First) which brings some bug fixes and further support for design time tools. The update can be obtained either as a standalone download installer, or via NuGet.


  • Handlers – A useful FubuMVC Convention – Josh Arnold continues his look at conventions in FubuMVC with a look at the handler conventions and policy for route generation.
  • This is my Favorite… VS 2010 Favorites Menu Extension – Greg Duncan highlights a new Visual Studio Extension which allows you to favourite particular files in your solution in a browser bookmark type way, providing a quick access menu to those files within the IDE
  • Using the Features of ASP.NET MVC 3 Futures – Imran Baloch takes a look at some of the features included in the ASP.NET MVC Futures library, a library which builds upon the ASP.NET MVC 3 release and includes things which may become a part of the ASP.NET MVC project in the future.
  • Exploring CoffeeScript Part 4 – Objects and Classes – Jan Van Ryswyck continues his series exploring the CoffeeScript language, exploring the class and object features of the language, and how they get represented in the JavaScript output.
  • Dynamic Decorator, Unity and Castle DynamicProxy Comparison – Gary H Guo takes a look at the Dynamic Decorator, Unity and Castle DynamicProxy libraries for dynamically extending objects in C#, comparing the implementations of object extension in each of them.
  • JSON.NET Custom Converters – A Quick Tour – David Hoerster takes a look at implementing a custom convertor for the JSON.NET library, allowing you to more finely control the serialisation and deserialisation of types to and from JSON.


  • DDD North – Saturday 8th October 2011 – Session Submission Open! – Andrew Westgarth announces the opening of session submissions for the first DDD event in the North of England. The event, to be held on Saturday 8th October at the University of Sunderland, follows the usual UK Community DeveleloperDeveloperDeveloper format the agenda being chosen by the community for the community. If you are interested in speaking at the event get your submission in now.