• C#/.NET Little Pitfalls: Nullable Math Doesn’t Always Add Up – James Michael Hare continues his series of posts on .NET Little Pitfalls with a look at the use of Nullable<T> values in mathematics via operator overloads, and how you can arrive at some unexpected results to calculations.
  • Model Metadata and Validation Localization using Conventions – Phil Haack shares a proof of concept implementation for dealing with the localisation of Model Metadata and Validation without requiring the attribute bloat that performing this using the buit in functionality results in.
  • CQRS – Martin Fowler gives a nice overview of the Command Query Responsibility Segregation pattern, discussing its aims, uses and when it is applicable
  • Bart De Smet – Interactive Extensions (Ix) – Channel 9 highlight the recent experimental release of the Interactive Extensions, a library of LINQ to Objects Query operators influenced by those in the Reactive Extensions, hosting an interview with Bart De Smet where he explains the content an use of the library
  • Defense in Depth: Locking Down Mash-Ups with HTML5 Sandbox – Jacob Rossi takes a look at the Internet Explorer 10 implementation of the HTML5 Sandbox which allows you to include content in a reduced privilege area of the page, providing a safer way of including external JavaScript on your pages.
  • Html5 WebWorkers experiment – Sacha Barber turns some of his attention towards the web with a look at the use of Html5 WebWorkers, combining them with some jQuery to create a sample web application which pulls in images from Flickr
  • Explanation of Microsoft POCO and Self-Tracking Templates – The dotConnect Team blog takes an indepth look at the Microsoft POCO and Self-Tracking Templates, sharing explanations some of the things that they found more difficult to understand when investigating and making changes to the templates.
  • Leverage T4Scaffolding for WCF Web API – Steve Michelotti shares a library (via NuGet) which combines the T4Scaffolding package and WCF WebAPI to address the issues which made his pure NuGet WebAPI technique less than ideal.


  • The Stack – Liverpool .NET User Group – August 2011 – The Stack Usergroup will be meeting on Monday 15th August at Studio 2 in Parr Street Studios, Liverpool for their 3rd event. This event sees Matt Salmon take a look at ASP.NET MVC and some of the related projects, and Jon Rimmer discussing Mobile app development using JavaScript , jQuery, and WCF
  • Webinar – Compositional and Convention-based Web Development With FubuMVC – Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo highlights a webinar with Mike Murray on Wednesday 20th July between 12PM-1PM MST, where Mike will take a look at the FubuMVC project, showing how to get started with it before moving on to look at its various conventions, behaviour chains, and packages.