• ReSharper 6.0 Release Candidate – The Team at JetBrains follow up on their beta releases over the last week or so with a Release Candidate build of ReSharper 6. This release addresses issues from all the beta releases, and will no doubt be followed with the official release in short order.
  • Porting Node to Windows With Microsoft’s Help – Ryan Dahl shares the announcement that Microsoft are joining forces with Joyent to produce a native port of Node.js to the Windows Platform, which will bring the Node Platform to Windows 2003 onwards, along with Windows Azure.
  • IronPython – Download: 2.7.1 Beta 1 – The IronPython team announce the first beta release of IronPython 2.7.1. This release brings parity with CPython 2.7.2, disables the built in VS tooling support in favour of the pytools tooling, adds a few modules to the distribution and addresses reported issues.
  • Project Silk Drop 12 – Karl Shifflet announces Drop 12 of the Project Silk Guidance project. This drop does not contain any significant code changes, and as usual contains the latest versions of all chapters of the guidance that goes with the sample.


  • Ref returns and ref locals – Eric Lippert highlights a question from StackOverflow on "ref returns", looking at the background to the basic use of ref to pass variable references, and discusses some of the CLR support for references which is not implemented in C#.
  • Tips for building Nuget packages – Joshua Flanagan shares some great tips for creating good NuGet packages, ranging from managing package version numbers, to the package structure, and automating package builds.
  • FlagArgument – Martin Fowler discusses the use of flag arguments to toggle between different implementations of a functions logic, discussing how he prefers to avoid this by having two specific methods which better explain intent, and looks at some more complex cases of this scenario.
  • Model binding XML in ASP.NET MVC 3 – Jimmy Bogard explores the support within ASP.NET MVC 3 for custom Model Binder implementations to be pulled in using Service Location, allowing you to support additional formats of data, and Jimmy explores this by showing the creation of an XMKL based model binder.
  • 404 errors fixed! Goodbye /Glimpse/Config, hello /Glimpse.axd – Anthony van der Hoorn discusses a change to the URL for accessing the Glimpse Client side functionality which is in the latest release. The change was brought about due to users running into 404 errors with the way Glimpse used to work. Anthony discusses what the problems were, and how they ended up fixing by moving to a .axd implementation.
  • Cool stuff in FubuMVC No. 1: Behaviors – Chad Myers moces his series on from FubuCore to look at features of FubuMVC, with this first part exploring the background and approach used in the creation of the Behavior model in FubuMVC.
  • Silverlight WebBrowser Control for Offline Apps (Part 2) – Mike Taulty continues his exploration of HTML content in Silverlight applications, looking at embedding HTML content into the Silverlight application as a resource, and dumping it to disk on the the clients machine to read offline.