• Eduasync part 11: More sophisticated (but lossy) exception handling, Eduasync part 12: Observing all exceptions & Eduasync part 13: first look at coroutines with async – Jon Skeet continues his EduAsync series of posts looking at implementing the async functionality from the Async CTP in C#, with parts 11 and 12 taking a look at improving the exception handling, and looking at the differences between async and the TPL, before moving on to look at coroutines in part 13, exploring the background theory and looking at basic uses.
  • Lazy Exceptions for Fake LINQ Queries – K. Scott Allen takes a look at mocking / faking exceptions in LINQ Queries, discussing how the standard technique of throwing on access to the property / method doesn’t truly mirror reality where the exception would occur at enumeration time.
  • Cleaning up POSTs in ASP.NET MVC – Jimmy Bogard takes a look at simplifying the logic of dealing with POST actions in ASP.NET MVC, identifying the common patterns that occur in handling these requests and looks at defining a mechanism for cleaning up the process.
  • Announcing Free Ingress for all Windows Azure Customers starting July 1st, 2011 – The Windows Azure Team announce a significant change to the pricing model for the Windows Azure service. From 1st July all inbound traffic will be free during both on-peak and off-peak times.
  • The ASP.NET Daily Community Spotlight – How posts get there, and how to make it your Visual Studio Start Page &My ASP.NET news sources – Jon Galloway discusses how he goes about selecting the daily link which goes into the ASP.NET Community Spotlight on the ASP.NET site, shows how you can get these links on your Visual Studio start page, and also discusses where he finds his .NET News. I’m very proud that The Morning Brew is featured highly in Jon’s news gathering, and I also follow similar processes to Jon for finding the links for TMB. I’d also like to echo Jon’s frustration about blogs which don’t have the author’s name in an easy to find location – I really like to give decent attribution in TMB and it’s a real annoyance to not have a name to use.
  • Silverlight, HTML and the WebBrowser Control for Offline Apps – Mike Taulty discusses the interoperability between Silverlight and the HTML DOM, looking at the cases when Silverlight is hosted in an HTML page, and the new Silverlight 5 features which allow the Silverlight application to also host the WebBrowser Control to display HTML inside the application
  • Passing parameters between Silverlight and ASP.NET – Part 1 – Brij Mohan is also looking at Silverlight Interoperability with the containing HTML page, exploring how your Silverlight application can pass values back to the ASP.NET Application hosting the Silverlight application in the first part of this new series
  • Why You Should Never Use DATETIME Again! – Susan Ibach discusses the new datetime data type in SQL Server 2008 which allows better control and accuracy of the values you store for date time fields and allows you finer control of the data storage requirements.