• Eduasync part 5: making Task<T> awaitable – Jon Skeet continues his EduAsync series exploring how the Async functionality which will be included in C#5 can be implemented. In this post Jon attains a full demonstration of Asynchrony by implementing awaitability on the Task<T>
  • C#/.NET Fundamentals: Of Lambdas and LINQ – James Michael Hare shares a nice back to basics presentation looking at Lambda expressions and LINQ extension methods giving developers who are not familiar with them the basic understanding needed to build upon.
  • Diffing Files to Avoid Easy Goofs – Sharon Cichelli discusses a good developer practice – self reviewing your change set before committing to your Version Control System allowing you to identify mistakes, missing comments, etc.
  • Automated builds and versioning, with Mercurial – Nathan Evans discusses and shares his implementation to allow for automated builds run on a build server to be correctly versioned using AssemblyFileVersionAttribute. This post explores the different version number strategies, the creation of MSBuild Tasks to perform the update, and the configuration to get it to all hang together.
  • Display branch name in Visual Studio 2010 title bar – Sebastian Negomireanu highlights a neat method to make multiple instances of Visual Studio working on different branches of the same solution identifiable using a feature of the VS Commands 2010 Extension.
  • Maximizing the lifetime of your SSD – Tom Wijsman shares some excellent advice to help (if you are lucky enough) owners of SSD disks to ensure that they get the best lifetime out of the drive, highlighting a variety of configuration settings and features to enable and disable to keep unnecessary and damaging writes to a minimum.
  • My "Windows 7 Power Users Guide" eBook is Now FREE – Mike Halsey announces the availability of his 170 page Power Users Guide to Windows 7 as a free eBook. The book covers all aspects of Windows 7 in 16 chapters with content applicable to beginners and ITPros alike.
  • Silverlight 5 Beta – Combining Implicit Data Templates & Multiple Windows – Mike Taulty continues his exploration of Silverlight 5 beta, looking this time at how you can effectively work with multiple details windows, sharing a Window Manager class to help when working with a number of windows.
  • An Introduction to Service Bus Queues – David Ingham takes an introductory look at the use of AppFabric Service Bus Queues, discussing scenarios where you should use queues, some of the theory behind their use, and looking at basic uses in code.
  • ASP.NET Suggester – Auto-complete Control – Lisetsky Val shares a nice looking implementation of a multiple select auto complete control for use in your ASP.NET Web applications. The control supports all browsers (including IE6) and has hooks for matched and unmatched items, along with data support for WCF/ Web Service data sources.
  • Using the Windows Phone 7 Advertising SDK – Doug Holland digs into the use of the Windows Phone 7 Advertising SDK which allows you an easy route to generating income from your phone applications, looking at the code implementation and the required account configuration to include Ads in your applications.


  • 21st May 2011 – XPManchester XL2 – XP Manchester are running their second all day event this Saturday (21st May) at MadLab in Manchester. The event is language agnostic and will be exploring a variety of eXtreme Programming topics. The event is free to attend, but registration is required, and if you want an idea of what the last event covered take a look at XPManchester XL – Follow up
  • The Cloud Hack – Saturday 11th June sees ‘The Cloud Hack’ event running in London. This event is an all day Code’a’thon working with the Cloud and a number of public and private APIs, along with support from Microsoft Experts, free trial of Azure and competitions and prizes. Registration is required and places are limited, with free tickets available until 4th June.
  • NxtGenUG – Event: Get down low with SpecFlow – Paul Stack joins the NxtGenUG in Cambridge for a session on Tuesday 21st June, exploring the use of SpecFlow for automating your testing using WatiN and a BDD style of testing.
  • Microsoft Tech-Ed North America 2011 – How to view and access information, videos and resources – Eric Ligman highlights how, even if you are not attending TechEd North America this week, you ca still get access to lots of the great content .