• Optional argument corner cases, part three – Eric Lippert continues this series of posts looking at the use of optional arguments in methods in .NET 4, discussing in this post how the optional arguments actually work at the call site, and not, as may people think, by generating methods at compile time for all possible signatures,
  • Outercurve Foundation: Partnering with the open source community – Somasegar discusses the work of the OuterCurve Foundation (previously known as the CodePlex Foundation) over the past 18 months, and highlights te Orchard and NuGet Projects as two successes where Microsoft have worked with the community to produce great results.
  • Announcing Xamarin – Miguel de Icaza talks about the continuation of the Mono project following the closing down of all work on the project by Attachmate. The Project (and team) live on and will be producing an equivalent product line (MonoTouch, MonoDroid, etc) and continuing work on the Open Source aspects of Mono. Good Luck to them – this is important work.
  • Speed up Visual Studio Builds – Arik Poznanski discusses some tips to help improve the performance of the build in Visual Studio when you are working with solutions with large numbers of projects.
  • Windows Phone Choosers – Paul Sheriff continues exploring some of the key features of the Windows Phone platform, looking this time at the use of Choosers, outlining the background and showing the PhoneNumberChooserTask in use.
  • Publish 5 Windows Phone apps, get free advertising – Glen Gordon highlights an offer of free advertising from Microsoft for anyone publishing 5 Windows Phone applications between April and the end of June
  • Playing with dapper Micro ORM and ASP.NET MVC 3.0 – DotNetJalps – Jalpesh P. Vadgama takes a look at the use of the Dapper Micro ORM project in an ASP.NET MVC 3 setting walking through a simple use case.