Tomorrow is the start of the Easter long weekend holiday, and in keeping with Morning Brew tradition there will be no edition tomorrow, or Monday. The Morning Brew will return on Tuesday 26th April (for three days, as we have another 4 day weekend next weekend too, thanks to the Royal Wedding public holiday and another regular public holiday.)


  • Knockout.js 1.2.0 released – Steve Sanderson announces the release of Knockout.js 1.2.0, his ClientSide MVVM implementation which makes building complex responsive user interfaces on the client side easier. This release is a significant one adding a wealth of new features including new extensibility points, additional bindings, improved templating, along with performance improvements, and a change to the license to move to a more permissive MIT license.
  • Sound Code: NAudio 1.4 Release Notes – Mark Heath announces the release of NAudio 1.4 (currently a release candidate), an opensource .NET audio and MIDI library which deals with playing and working with a variety of audio formats, capture of audio, and a variety of other audio related tasks. This release brings support for x64 platforms, a samples project showing how to use the library, improvements to the support of many of the formats the library deals with, along with the usual bug fixing and cleaning of the codebase.
  • What’s new in Orchard 1.1? & Orchard 1.1: what’s in it for developers? – Bertrand Le Roy highlights the release of Orchard 1.1 earlier this month and takes a look at the new features of the release both generally in the project as a whole, and specifically focusing on the features that are significant for developers working with and extending the CMS.