• jQuery 1.5.2 Released – The jQuery Team announce the relelease of jQuery 1.5.2. This minor update includes bugfixes for a significant number of issues, and is already available on the Microsoft CDN for use in your applicaions.
  • Announcing Jounce 1.0 RTM – It’s here! – Jeremy Likness announces the release of version 1 of Jounce, his MEF based MVVM guidance framework which aims to share and allow you to benefit from the expereinece he has gained building real world application.


  • Hosting a Simple "Read-Only" NuGet Package Feed on the Web – Phil Haack walks through the process of setting up your won read only package feed for NuGet using the Nuget.Server Nuget Package, allowing you to have a private (or public) custom package list for use with NuGet
  • Announcing the Try F# Website! – Don Syme highlights the launch of the TryF# website from Microsoft Research Connections. This site aims to be a hub for learning F#, and includes an interactive browser based programming environment for the F# language allowing you to program in F# without installing anything.
  • NHibernate Interceptor for Dynamic Proxy Generation – Ricardo Peres looks at the NHibernate Interceptor functionality and Dynamic Proxying, providing an skeleton implementation which will allow you to add your own functionality (such as INotifyPropertyChanged, etc) to every method call against an NHibernate entity.
  • C#/.NET Toolbox: Adding a ToHashSet() Extension Method – James Michael Hare continues his series on utility methods and classes, sharing and discussing the implementation of a ToHashSet extension method.
  • New Docs for Windows Phone 7 Development – Cameron Skinner highlights the release of a new piece of Windows Phone 7 Developer Documentation from the Developer Guidance Team. ‘Building a Windows Phone 7 Application from Start to Finish’ works through the whole process from concept on a white board to having your application in the MarketPlace, offering advice and guidance all the way.
  • The Windows Phone 7 Numbers, in Pictures – Joey deVilla shares an update on the progress of the Windows Phone 7 platform and developer ecosystem, sharing some of the key numbers (with pictures)
  • ASP Classic Compiler: the next step – Li Chen shares the roadmap for future development of the ASP Classic Compiler for ASP.NET (whose source was released as open source earlier this week).
  • The importance of performance testing in a Windows Phone 7 application – Simone Chiaretta highlights the importance of performance testing your applications on the Windows Phone 7 platform (where devices are not as powerful as desktops and server), illustrating with an example of an issue which caused him performance problems.


  • DDD South West – Sesson Voting is currently open for the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper South West Conference to be held on Saturday 11th June 2011. There is a great range of sessions proposed (including one from me), and this is your chance to shape the content of the event.
  • European Virtual ALT.NET – Feedback & Suggestions – The European Virtual Alt.Net Usergroup are looking for feedback and suggestions about their future direction and topics you are interested in hearing about with the launch of a feedback forum.