• NuGet 1.2 Released – Phil Haack announces the (slightly later than planned) release of NuGet 1.2, the latest version of the .NET Package Management Solution from Microsoft. This release includes support for different assemblies for different platforms, Binding Redirects, adding Framework Assemblies as references, and the ability for NuGet.exe to store API Credentials
  • YUI 2.9.0 Release Candidate Is Now Available – The Yahoo User Interface team announce the release their Release Candidate of YUI 2.9.0, providing a final testing and feedback opportunity before the release is final.
  • Preview Drop #3 of Enterprise Library Silverlight Integration Pack – Grigori Melnik announces the release of the 3rd Preview release of the Enterprise Library 5.0 Silverlight Integration Pack. This release includes support for the Validation Application Block, caching, logging, interception of assemblies, and Policy Injection.


  • An Exploration of Dynamic in .NET 4 – Bobby Johnson gives a nice overview of the functionality available for Dynamic Programming in C#, showing how the dynamic like features have evolved through the different .NET versions before reviewing the dynamic ‘type’, DynamicObject class, and ExpandoObject.
  • What’s in a(n Identifier) Name? – Garrett McGowan discusses the level of international language support that programming languages, frameworks and IDEs need to support, and takes a look at what is possible in .NET
  • Fix: ASP.NET 4 Page on IIS 7 Misbehaves When Browser URL Doesn’t Include Default Page – Ken Cox highlights a wierd bug and a fix he encountered on when running an ASP.NET page on IIS 7, where he had no such issue on IIS6
  • Why I Still L.O.V.E. ASP.NET WebForms – John Katsiotis discusses his love for ASP.NET WebForms and how the WebFormsMVP project makes working with them much nicer, illustrating the features with samples.
  • How to Write Windows Shell Extension with .NET Languages – The All-In-One Code Framework team take a look at one of their samples which enables you to create Shell Extensions for Windows in .NET, discussing how and why this became possible in .NET 4, and looking at using the sample to create an extension in this Code Project article.
  • Capturing Screenshots on Windows Phone 7 – Mike Ormond highlights a useful tool for capturing screenshots of Windows Phone 7 applications for inclusion in your Market Place submissions.