• Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 44 – Aspects of Design – Jon Skeet continues his epic series on reimplementing Linq To Objects. In part 44 of the series Jon discusses ome of the design questions that arise in Linq to Objects, discussing composability and immutability, Extension methods on interfaces, the use of delegates, lazy execution and naming.
  • Foundations of Programming 2 – Chapter 5 – Effective Testing – Karl Seguin shares the next chapter of his Foundations of Programming Second edition. This chapter looks at testing, discussing what makes for good tests, takes a look at mocks and stubs and integration testing, with illustrative examples along the way.
  • Task Parallel Library : 3 of n – Sacha Barber continues his series exploring the Task Parallel Library, examining the parallel for / foreach loops, how you handle cancellation and exceptions, how partitioning can help improve performance, and the use of Thread Local Storage with TPL.
  • Code Behaviour via Unit Tests – Dewald Galjaard discusses the importance of having your unit tests test the behaviour of the code and not the implementation, spured on by a real world car related experience, and aided by a Code equivalent.
  • How much traffic does your website create with each request? Use IISExpress 7.5 to find out. – John V. Petersen takes a look at IISExpress’s console interface, looking at setting up your web apps to use IIS Express in Visual Studio and looking at some of the useful features of IIS Express.
  • Introducing Data Annotations Extensions – Scott Kirkland takes a look at the Data Annotations Extensions project which addes11 further annotation attributes to the basic 4 provided by the framework.
  • Custom Data Annotation Validator Part I : Server Code – & Part II: Client Code – K. Scott Allen looks at how you can implement your own custom annotation validations both on the server side and also in client side code using jQuery.Validate