• Check Out smtp4dev if You Build Mail-Enabled Software on Windows – Dylan Beattie highlights a great little utility for any developer who is working on software which sends email. smtp4dev is a local SMTP server which captures email rather than sending it, allowing you to review the messages that would have been sent.


  • 36 Hour Free Offer: jQuery Fundamentals Training – Scott Guthrie highlights an offer from Pluralsight giving you free access to their jQuery Fundamentals online training until 9pm PST on Thursday (24th). This 5 hour training course from Dan Wahlin is broken into 5 sections, most slightly longer than an hour, and jQuery basics, Selectors, DOM interaction, Events and Ajax.
  • Flatten your architecture: Simplicity as a core value – Ayende discusses how a seemingly well structured yet complex application architecture which follows SOLID principles isn’t always the best thing when it comes to reading data (and tuning for performance)
  • Thinking about the user, or ‘How to consider the experience’ – Kyle Baley discusses the importance of, and difficulty in creating a good consistent User Interface for your application, how it takes considerable work to achieve, but is well worth the effort.
  • Random Ravings of a Red Headed Code Monkey: Creating the FSPowerPack.Community NuGet Package – Daniel Mohl runs through the process he went through to create the NuGet package for the FSPowerPack.Community project. While this article is about creating an F# package the general principles apply across all NuGet packages
  • Storing non-content data in Orchard – Bertrand Le Roy explores how you can store your own data structures using the framework provided by the Orchard CMS which includes migrations support for the data structure.
  • Subterranean IL: Exception handler semantics – Simon Cooper continues this series looking at the details of the .NET Intermediate Language, exploring in detail the use of Filter and Fault exception handlers, and looking at their possible equivalents in try / catch syntax
  • Asp.Net MVC Model Binding -Part1 – ‘corol1234’ begins a back to basics series looking at the Model Binding functionality of the ASP.NET MVC framework, showing a working sample (with source available) which illustrates Model Binding in use.


  • Brighton ALT.NET show and tell night videos – Mike Hadlow shares the videos (recorded and uploaded by Keith Bloom) from the recent Brighton Alt.NET show and tell evening event. These 5 videos give a flavour of the wide and varied interests of this group, and, if you are in the Brighton area, will hopefully encourage you to get involved.
  • NxtGenUG Hereford- Jon Skeet goes evil with c# – The Hereford NxtGenUG welcome Jon Skeet for a session on some of the evil and complex code that the C# compiler has to deal with, looking at some of the more advanced C# features such as anonymous types, expression trees, dynamic binding and much more. The event is on Friday 8th April at Shire Hall in Hereford.
  • jQuery Manchester Meetup – The Manchester (UK) jQuery User Group are meeting on Tuesday 8th March at Manchester Digital Laboratory where Jon Vines will presenting a live coding session on Navigation, and DJ Adams will be giving a session on JSON and JSONP for Ajax data retrieval.
  • NxtGenUG Oxford – Say Yes to IIS – Andy Westgarth visits the Oxford NxtGenUG on Tuesday 8th March for a session on Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.0 , looking at the significant differences from previous versions and new features to help developers develop, release, diagnose and debug their web based applications.
  • Live Webinar: How to AppFabric Enable Your Apps with PostSharp + Gibraltar – Gael Fraiteur of SharpCrafters is joined by Kendall Miller of Gibraltar Software and Brian Prince of Microsoft in a live webinar on Thursday, February 24th at 10:00am PT where they will be discussing implementing AppFabric Caching using a combination of PostSharp and Gibraltar. Registration is required to access the live meeting.