• Acting on Feedback: IE9 Release Candidate Available for Download – The Internet Explorer team announce the release candidate release of Internet Explorer 9, available in 40 different languages this release candidate has taken into account 17000 pieces of user feedback from the beta and CTP releases and represents the most standard compliant Internet Explorer ever with very nearly 100% of tests for HTML5, SVG 1.1, CSS3, DOM and JavaScript passing.
  • Internet Explorer 9 RC – download, what’s new and get your sites ready – Katrien De Graeve blogs about the IE 9 RC release, discussing and linking to blog posts about key features of IE9
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate (RC) download & resources available – Eric Ligman pulls together a comprehensive list of resources about the Internet Explorer 9 RC release, including download links for the different platforms, guides for users and developers to the new features, links to the Administration Kits for IE9, along with videos from Channel 9 and the IE team.
  • Fiddler and the IE9 Release Candidate – Eric Lawrence talks about 3 new features of Internet Explorer 9 which the Fiddler HTTP Debugging Proxy takes advantage of, looking at new connections per proxy settings, local host debugging, and information about why a HTTP request was made.
  • NOW Available: Windows Azure AppFabric CTP February Release – The Windows Azure team announce their February CTP release of the Windows Azure AppFabric. This release adds support for dynamically setting either a 128MB or 256MB cache, a new Silverlight LABS portal, improved performance and diagnostics.


  • Optional arguments on both ends – Eric Lippert poses a puzzle about which overload the compiler would pick when there are a mix of non-optional and optional arguments available in the overload list, discussing why the compile chooses the one it does.
  • Pull Request Changes, Multi-Selection in Advanced View, and Advertisement Changes – Matt Hawley announces the release of a new version of the CodePlex website platform which brings changes to how pull requests work, review of pull requests and improvements to advanced view filters for work items.
  • FAQ about copy paste functionality in upcoming release – Jaime Rodriguez answers a number of common questions about the copy paste functionality coming to the Windows Phone 7 platform, discussing what this functionality will mean for developers of existing applications
  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: The Concurrent Collections (1 of 3) – James Michael Hare continues his series of posts on lesser known parts of the .NET Framework with the first of three posts about the Concurrent Collections introduced in .NET 4. In this part he sets the scene looking at the history of the Concurent collections and looks at the ConcurrentStack and Concurrent Queue in use.
  • Monads in C#-7. Turning our parser into a Monad – Mike Hadlow continues building on his series of posts developed to support his DDD9 presentation on Monads. In this part Mike looks at converting his parser implementation into a monad to make combining the parsers easier.
  • Web Testing with Selenium Sushi: A Practical Guide and Toolset – Michael Sorens takes a detailed look at Selenium for web testing, and introduces Selenium Sushi, his extensions to Selenium designed to improve the experience of using Selenium RC and Selenium IDE making it easier to retarget to different browsers, different servers and reduce the amount of code in the tests.
  • Developing for Windows Touch? Windows Touch Guidance Document Now Available – Pat Altimore highlights the availability of the Windows Touch Guidance document which includes design principles and guidelines, the details of the Windows 7 Touch API, the Windows Logo requirements, along with details of the developer support for touch and additional touch related resources for developers.
  • Conditional Validation in ASP.NET MVC 3 – Simon Ince updates his Conditional Validation in MVC proof of concept to ASP.NET MVC 3 discussing the implementation and the changes required for the upgrade and providing full source to the sample.
  • F# and Data Mining: Introducing Sho and using its libraries from F# – Yin Zhu takes a brief look at Sho and its libraries, discussing its use of IronPython and looking at interacting with Sho from F#
  • Making Developing Windows Azure Applications Easier – One Resource At A Time – Jonathan Rozenblit highlights the Azure Design Patterns site from David Pallmann which covers patterns in in the key Azure related areas of Storage, Security, Relational Data, Compute, Communications and Network.
  • NuGet for WPF and Silverlight Developers – Pete Brown reminds us all that NuGet is not just for Web Developers, highlighting the available of the Silverlight Toolkit on Nuget, and showing how you you can get started with NuGet for Silverlight and WPF projects.


  • mvcConf – Videos of sessions – Guilherme Cardoso highlights the availability of some videos of the sessions from mvcConf available on the Channel 9 mvcConf channel.