• jQuery 1.5 Released – As planned, the jQuery team have released version 1.5 of jQuery. This new version includes a significant rewrite of the Ajax functionality of the library, a new deferred objects API, along with further improved performance.
  • DbUp: DataDude done right – Paul Stovell announces DbUp, an opensource library which aims to help with the deployment and maintenance of databases, based upon an the features discussed in an earlier article
  • WiX 3.5 released (Think "IIS7, VS2010, plus bunches of bugs squashed" release) – Greg Duncan highlights the official release of the WiX 3.5 Toolkit which now supports Visual Studio 2010 and IIS7, allowing you to build a good installer experience for your projects.



  • Book Reading Club: The Pragmatic Programmer – Scottish Developers host their first Book Reading Club tomorrow (Wednesday) in Glasgow, where they will be looking at the Pragmatic Programmer, from Journeyman to Master by Andrew Hunt and David Thomas.
  • NxtGenUG Launch Event! – Shenfield, near Brentwood in Essex is the home of the latest addition to the NxtGenUG usergroup empire, with their first event occurring on Wednesday 23rd February, when they will be welcoming Guy Smith-Ferrier who will be delivering his session on Multi Touch.
  • Book Group "Coders at Work" by Peter Seibel (part 1) – The Cambridge Developers group are hosting a Book Group event on Thursday 24th February, where they will be looking at the first 5 chapters of Coders at Work. The group meet at 7:30 in The Tram Depot
  • Real World Dynamic C# – The NxtGenUG Manchester (who’s events are in Daresbury) welcome Mark Rendle on Wednesday 16th March, where he will deliver his session on dynamic programming in C#4.