I had a splendid weekend at the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 9 conference in Reading – it was a great event, with wonderful content and excellent people. I will be posting a DDD9 link round up later this week (to give people some time to blog about it – if you do get in touch).


  • Announcing PostSharp 2.1 CTP 1 – Gael Fraiteur announces the first CTP release of PostSharp 2.1, the .NET Aspect Oriented Programming Framework. This new version brings considerable build time performance improvements making builds of projects which utilise PostSharp considerably quicker.
  • Hobocopy Lives! – Craig Andera has been able to give some attention to an old project of his – HoboCopy is a RoboCopy clone which utilises the Volume Shadow Copy service to allow it to copy locked files.
  • Debug Analyzer.NET – A debugging utility, written in .Net, for .Net developers, to help debug .Net applications – Greg Duncan highlights Debug Analyzer.NET, a tool hwhich helps take the pain out of performing analysis on memory dumps and allows you to use pre-defined analysis routines against your own memory dumps to help identify problems.
  • Microsoft Research Released Windows Phone 7 + Cloud Services SDK (Codename – Project Hawaii) – Avkash Chauhan announces the January release of Project Hawaii, an SDK combining the power of the Windows Phone 7 with that of Windows Azure. This SDK contains features which help aid interaction with the cloud. A February release is also planned which will bring OCR and Text To Speech support to your mobile applications.
  • GPS Emulator for Windows Phone 7 – Joey deVilla highlights the Windows Phone GPS Emulator, a wonderful looking tool to help develop Windows Phone applications which utilise the GPS from the comfort of the Windows Phone Emulator.


  • Code metrics from the command line – Cameron Skinner highlights the release of the CodeMetrics power toy which brings an .exe tool which can calculate the code metrics statistics that the Visual Studio IDE is capable of doing, allowing you to automate. In this post Cameron shows off its capabilities
  • Introducing RouteMagic – Phil Haack has bundled up all his Routing helpers, and extensions for both ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET into a single NuGet package providing a really easy way to get this functionality into your projects.
  • OData and Windows Phone 7 – Mike Ormond walks through the consumption of OData feeds in the Windows Phone 7 Platform showing the process in a step by step fashion supplemented by plenty of helpful screenshots.
  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 41 – How query expressions work & Part 42 – More optimization – Jon Skeet (who it was nice to meet briefly at DDD9) continues his fantastic EduLinq series with a look at how Query Expressions work in Linq, and also explores further the optimisations that are possible following up from comments on a previous post.
  • Nancy, the little community-powered framework that could – Andreas Håkansson talks about the success of his Nancy project discussing the features that have been added by the community, and puts out an appeal for someone to design a logo for the project.
  • Internals of Exception Handling – Abhishek Sur continues his series of posts looking at the internals of various features of C# and the .NET framework taking a look in todays post at how exception handling works at the Intermediate Language (IL) level.


  • #DDDHack Competition at DDD9 – Rachel Collier shares the details of a competition unveiled at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 9 involving a basic Windows Phone application and your creativity. The task at hand is to add any feature you like to the base application and submit it back. The competition winner will recieve a Windows Phone 7 Device.