• Microsoft Web Farm Framework 2.0 – Scott Guthrie highlights the WebFarm Framework 2.0 release, tooling which provides an easy way to manage a farm of web servers running on the Microsoft platform. In this post Scott highlights the key improvements introduced in the V2 release.
  • A Windows Phone 7 Jump List Control – Colin Eberhardt shares the implementation of a Jump List Control for the Windows Phone 7 platform, with a post which looks at the implementation and API offered by the control, videos of it in operation, and some examples along with the all important sourcecode so you can make use of the control.
  • The Coding4Fun team has done it again, released another "Kit" that is…The Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit – Greg Duncan highlights the release of the Coding4Fun Windows Phone Toolkit by the Coding4Fun Team. This toolkit contains all the teams ‘cool’ controls for Silverlight, and the team are also looking for suggestions for additional controls to include.


  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 37 – Guiding principles – Jon Skeet starts the process of wrapping up this monster series on the re-implementation of the Linq to Objects operators with a look at some of the ‘bigger picture’. In this post Jon looks at the guiding principles behind the behaviour of Linq To Objects.
  • Monads in C#-6. Introducing a simple parser – Mike Hadlow continues his session preparation for DDD9 with a further post in his Monads in C# series, looking at the implementation of a Parser Monad, borrowing and porting an example from Haskell
  • C#/.NET Little Wonders: Comparer<T>.Default – James Michael Hare continues his series of posts on some of the less well known bits fo .NET and C# with a look at Comparer<T>.Default, looking at how this provides a comparer which can help deal with the null issues encountered when performing comparisons.
  • Injectable, Configurable Action Filters – K. Scott Allen continues his series of posts on ASP.NET MVC Action Filters with a look at using configurable Action Filters with an Inversion of Control , illustrating with the use of Ninject.
  • How To: Add Mobile Pages to Your ASP.NET Web Forms / MVC Application – Steve Sanderson has a new white paper on the ASP.NEt site which looks at serving pages from your ASP.NET website which are tailored for mobile devices, looking at how this can be donw in ASP.NET MVC and WebForms.
  • Internals of loops (While, For and ForEach) – Abhishek Sur continues his series of posts looking at the IL behind the scenes of .NET language features, in this post looking at the various different loop operators, and shows how the Goto IL statement is crucial in making these work.
  • Installing NuGet packages directly from the command line – David Ebbo discusses command line usage of NuGet, highlighting where you can get the required .exe, and looking at it in use.
  • OData and OAuth – protecting an OData Service using OAuth 2.0 – Alex James of the WCF Data Services Team works through the creation of an OData service which utilises OAuth 2.0 to provide the Authentication / Authorisation on the feed. The post outlines the background, dependencies, and wroks through the process of building the service.
  • Using ASP.Net MVC Validation Attributes outside of ASP.Net –
    Diary of a Ninja…
    – Doug Rathbone looks at using the DataAnnotation Attributes use in ASP.NET MVC applications for validation in non-ASP.NET MVC projects, sharing a sample project which illustrates their use.


  • SQLBits 8 – Beside the sea – Registration for the 8th SQLBits event to be held in Brighton on Thursday 7th April to Saturday 9th April have now opened. Each of the three days can be registered for individually (or all together) with early bird pricing until 11th March. The Saturday is the free community day. The team have assembled a great line up for what is one of my favourite conferences of the year.
  • Let’s Chat Friday at the Linked In .NET User Group – John Papa is joining the Linked In .NET Usergroup for a ‘no agenda’ question and answer chat session today (Friday 21st January) between 9 and 10:30 AM PST.
  • Recording of my RavenDB talk for E-VAN – Ayende shares the video from his recent (very interesting) presentation to the European Virtual Alt.Net usergroup where he presented RavenDB.