• Announcing Portable Library Tools CTP – Justin Van Patten announces the CTP release of the Portable Library Tools, a new addin for Visual Studio 2010 which aims to help you write C# and VB.NET code that will run across a variety of the .NET Platforms (.NET, Silverlight, Windows Phone and XBox 360) available without recompilation. Currently this CTP does not have a go-live license, and use of it does requires the beta of the Visual Studio 2010 / .NET 4 Service Pack 1.
  • Announcing Native Extensions 1.0 for Microsoft Silverlight – The Silverlight Team announce the release of Native Extensions 1.0 for Silverlight. This toolkit, also known as NESL, brings the ability for your Silverlight out of browser applications to utilise Windows 7 platform features like Task Bar extension, Web cams, sensors and speech recognition.
  • Help us test Mono 2.10 – Miguel de Icaza highlights the first preview release of Mono 2.10, available for Windows, Mac OSX and a number of Linux platforms. This new version brings a host of new features including significant SGen improvements, improvements to the VB.NET and C# Compilers, and much more. The team a re looking for feedback on this early preview, so if you have the chance to try it, let them know of any problems you encounter.
  • AgUnit – Silverlight unit testing with ReSharper – Steven De Kock has released an updated version of AgUnit, a ReSharper plugin which enables the running and debugging of Silverlight Unit Tests from within the ReSharper Test Runner.
  • yuicompressor – Release: Version – Jalthi – The YUICompressor project on CodePlex have a new release of this JavaScript and CSS compressor, which brings the project in line with the Java original, including all the latest patches, unit tests and bigfixes. This release is also available as a NuGet Package. (hat tip to ‘Pure Krome’)


  • WP7CertInstaller Explained – David Hardin highlights the release of his Windows Phone 7 Certificate Installer application, a tool which helps install Trusted Root Certificates on Windows Phone 7, enabling the use of test certificates in development environments. In this post discusses how you can repackage and use the Certificate Installer in your own projects.
  • Basic JavaScript Part 7: Static Properties and Methods – Jan Van Ryswyck continues his series on back to basics JavaScript with a look at the JavaScript equivalent of C# Static Properties and Methods.
  • Code navigation – quick tip – Jeffrey Palermo discusses code readability, looking at how the structure of your code file and the boilerplate content can harm the readability, and shares his preferred code layout.
  • Please Submit Content/Feedback on the F# MSDN Docs – Don Syme urges the F# developer community to give feedback on the MSDN F# documentation to help them make it better and offer better help to those looking to get started with F#.
  • Automated Error Reporting = More Robust Software – Laila Lotfi talks about how automated error reporting can really help improve the quality of your software by making sure you quickly and easily obtain the full information to help reproduce and solve errors (and give a little plug to RedGate’s SmartAssembly)
  • Configurable Action Filter Provider – K. Scott Allen continues his series of posts on Action Filters and Configuration with a look at creating a custom IFilterProvider.
  • web.config transformations for NHibernate – James Crowley looks at how namespaces used in the NHibernate web.config section can be worked with when using Web.Config Transformations.


  • mvcConf – the Virtual ASP.Net MVC Conference – mvcConf has been rescheduled and will now run on Tuesday 8th February 2011. This gives you 19 days remaining for registration for this whole day virtual event which promises to talks from some of the world’s best MVC speakers to a wide audience.