• Fibre Async Library 1.1 Released – Jake Ginnivan shares the 1.1 release of his helper library for working with async tasks on the Windows Phone 7, Silverlight and .NET in general. This library provides a rich fluent interface for chaining and batching Async tasks.
  • Happy New Year, and across the board profiler discount – Ayende celebrates the turning of the year with a time limited 35% discount across his array of profiler products covering NHibernate, Entity Framework, Linq to SQL, LLBLGen and Hibernate.
  • StyleCop Compliant Visual Studio 2010 Code Snippets January 2011 Release – Doug Holland highlights the release of the January 2011 version of the Visual Studio 2010 Code Snippets library which brings StyleCop compliant versions of the standard Visual Studio snippets, and adds a number of additional snippets to the IDE too.


  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 13 – Aggregate, Part 14 – Distinct, Part 15 – Union, Part 16 – Intersect (and build fiddling) & Part 17 – Except – Jon Skeet continues with his series on rebuilding Linq to SQL with looking at 5 more of the core operators (Agregate, Except, Union, Distinct, and Intersect), in each case discussing the operator, defining test cases and sharing a re-implementation. Part 16 also discusses some changes to the solution structure of the supporting code download.
  • Windows Azure Storage Architecture Overview – Brad Calder discusses the three layer architecture of the Windows Azure Storage System, discussing each of the three layers (Front End, Partition and Distributed Replicated File System) and exploring the lifecycle of a storage request.
  • Essential Resources for Getting Started with Windows Azure – John Bristowe and Cory Fowler share a fantastic set of resources covering all aspects of the Azure platform and development, across the mediums of Twitter, Books, Virtual Labs and Tutorials, Blogs and Events.
  • Testing REST services with JavaScript – Alexander Beletsky explores the testing of REST based web services from a JavaScript testing client, using jQuery and qUnit sharing some tests of a real service allowing you to see the solution proposed in operation. Alexander also briefly discusses the different ways of running and debugging the tests.
  • Rebuilding the PDC 2010 Silverlight Application (Part 6) – Mike Taulty continues his series on building his PDC Session downloader Silverlight application, exploring the implementation of storing the sessions to download and looking at the performing the actual download operation.
  • Performance-related features in F# and C# – ‘Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd’ discuss the 4 major factors which affect a difference in performance between C# and F# despite them both being implemented on the .NET Runtime and being compiled down into Intermediate Language.


  • DDD9 – 29th Jan 2011 – Conference Schedule – The Community have spoken, the votes have been counted and now the DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper team can announce the finalised agenda for this January’s DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 9 event – and it looks to be a cracking one once again. The next significant date is the 4th January 2011 at 13:37 when the registrations for the event open.