• Foundations of Programming 2 – Chapter 2 – Yet Another IoC Introduction – Karl Seguin continues with the publication of the draft of the second edition of his Foundations of Programming e-book with a chapter on inversion of control. Karl is looking for feedback on these chapters before they make it into the final e-book.
  • ASP.NET MVC 3: Layouts and Sections with Razor – Scott Guthrie continues his series of posts on ASP.NET MVC 3’s new features with a post looking at using the Layout and Section functionality of the latest edition of the Razor view engine included in ASP.NET MVC 3, taking a step by step look at utilising it.
  • Reimplementing LINQ to Objects: Part 11 – First/Single/Last and the …OrDefault versions & Part 12 – DefaultIfEmpty – Jon Skeet continues with another two parts in his reconstruction of LINQ to Objects with a look at the First / Last and similar operators and exploring DefaultIfEmpty functionality, addressing each with a look at the desired functionality, a test case for the functionality and his new implementation.
  • Log4net Tutorial – Tim Corey gives a nice brief introduction to the configuration of the Log4Net Logging library in this CodeProject article, exploring the basic configuration and looking at some of the more commonly used appenders.
  • To ref or not to ref – Arun Mahendrakar discusses the use of the ref keyword when working with passing objects, discussing how it is different to passing normal references to object instances and illustrating the subtleties of this with examples.
  • Possible issue where .NET Framework 4 setup reports success but fails to update mscoree.dll behind the scenes – Aaron Stebner highlights an issue that can occur with the installation of .NET 4 on Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 which results in you being unable to run .NET applications due to problems with the update to mscoree.dll
  • Commented Code == Technical Debt – Rod Paddock reminds us of the importance of removing commented out code and how discovering commented out code in a method causes comprehension issues with the code.
  • Using Sterling in Windows Phone 7 Applications – Jeremy Likness takes a look at the use of his Sterling object oriented database for Windows Phone and Silverlight, discussing the design principles and aims of the project and working through a simple example of creating an application using Sterling working from first principles.
  • Guide.BeginShowMessageBox wrapper – Daniel Moth shares a wrapper around the Guide.BeginShowMessageBox functionality from the XNA Tool kit allowing it to easily be used from Silverlight Phone applications, and provides enhanced functionality over the standard Silverlight Phone message box implementation.
  • Namespacing in JavaScript – Angus Croll shares a great insight into the various namespacing techniques in JavaScript.


  • C# 5 – Async/Await – NxtGenUG Manchester welcome Jon Skeet to their Daresbury venue for a talk on the C#5 Aysnc / Await functionality currently in preview, exploring how the compiler deals with its use under the hood. The talk is being held on the evening of Wednesday 16th February 2011