• Selenium 2.0-beta-1 (WebDriver) released. – Paul Hammant highlights the release of Selenium Web Driver 2.0 Beta 1 on the ThoughtWorkers on Open Source Blog, the latest update in this product for controlling selenium browser based testing which is more mature than the beta label would suggest.
  • MonoDevelop plugin for F# now available – Don Syme highlights the efforts made by the Mono Project since the release of F# under an open source license to get support for the language into the Mono Platform.


  • Free Training on HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS – The Patterns and Practices Guidance Blog highlights a free series of university style training being offered by Mozilla and Peer to Peer University bringing 6-10 weeks of quality JavaScript, CSS and HTML5 training to you. Registrations open on 8th January 2011 and places are limited.
  • Service Oriented Design Pattern – Service Ping – Don Demsak starts out on a new series of posts looking at documenting service oriented design patterns in a format similar to the Gang of Four design patterns book. This first post looks at the Service Ping pattern to test a service end point.
  • How to Write a Repository – Phillip Calçado also posts on a patterns related theme, looking at the correct implementation of the Repository pattern.
  • Giving feedback on Visual Studio – some best practices – ‘Dougturn’ discusses the scale of feedback the Visual Studio 2010 team have received, discussing their processes for working with and responding to the feedback, and gives some pointers on giving good feedback and identifying the correct channel to send it.
  • ASP.NET MVC 3 Extensionless URLs on IIS 6 – Phil Haack discusses how running ASP.NET MVC 3 on ASP.NET 4 makes it much easier to get extensionless URLs working on IIS6
  • ASP.NET MVC3 Razor Script Loading Tips – Kazi Manzur Rashid takes a look at improving the loading of client side JavaScript in the Razor View Engine using the @Url.Scripts helper and some custom JavaScript to load further scripts. A Sample project is available.
  • C# Closure Constructors – Mike Hadlow looks at applying the Closure based class constructors popularised by Douglas Crockford in the JavaScript language to code in C#, showing how its implemented and asking for people thoughts on using this style of constructor method.
  • 10 tricks that will make your jQuery enabled site go faster – Anders Nygaard shares 10 recommendations for making your jQuery based JavaScript perform better