• Announcing HTML5 Labs – Jim O’Neil highlights the launch of the HTML5 Labs site, which features prototypes from Microsoft of the various unstable web standards specifications.
  • HTML5, Site-Ready and Experimental – Dean Hachamovitch gives more details of the launch of "HTML 5 Labs", and discusses the first of two prototype implementations currently on the site, the implementations of WebSockets. Also on the site is an implementation of the W3C draft specification for IndexDB, a database implementation for within the browser engine.
  • Visual Studio 2008 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services (VSEWSS) v1.3 Released – Paul Andrew announces the release of the Visual Studio 2008 extensions for Windows SharePoint Services V1.3. After a CTP release earlier this year this new version is ready for the big time and is localised into 9 languages, and includes support for x64 machines, improved deployment, command line builds, and much more


  • VS2010 SP1: Silverlight 4 profiling from Visual Studio UI – Maxim Goldin takes a brief look at the improved Silverlight profiling functionality introduced as a part of the Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 Beta release, showing how they are now supported within the VSProfiler environment.
  • Basic JavaScript Part 4: Enforcing New on Constructor Functions – Jan Van Ryswyck continues his series on the JavaScript language with a brief look at enforcing the use of the new operator on constructor functions within the language to ensure that the correct object instance is being created.
  • The Second Commandment: Thy entity shalt not participate in dependency resolution – Mike Hadlow takes a look at a common mistake people make while making the shift to using Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control Containers, discussing the importance of keeping your business objects free from dependencies, and sharing some techniques for making this work.
  • Basic Testing Tips – Marco Valtas shares some tips for writing unit tests, focusing on not testing things which are already a given. This article discusses testing in Java, however it is equally relevant for those of us on the .NET side of the fence.
  • Creating a Razor Helper for Inline content embedding – Pietro Brambati takes a look at creating a helper method for use in the Razor View Engine to generate HTML code in a way which can be reused throughout your system.
  • A Simplified Grid Markup for Silverlight and WPF – Colin Eberhardt shares a technique for creating grid based WPF and Silverlight user interfaces quickly and easily using simplified markup and a set of functions which wire the simplified markup up.
  • WPF – dynamically compile and run event handlers within loose XAML using CodeDom – Brian Lagunas builds on the work of his previous post about inline code in XAML, and the work of Rob Relyea and Daniel Paull to embed dynamic code within the XAML and have it compiled at runtime using CodeDom.
  • RavenDB – Document design with collections – Rob Ashton follows up on his post about implementing a StackOverflow type system using RavenDB, discussing some of the rationale behind how he structured some of the larger collections into separate documents rather than keeping them inside the document that owns the collection.


  • DDD 9 – voting closes 24/12/2010 – Craig Murphy reminds us that just like the opportunity to pick out the perfect gift, DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper 9 session voting comes to a close on Friday 24th December 2010. Given the excellent range of proposed sessions, and the fact that only 1 in 4 will be able to feature in the actual event (due to space constraints) it is vital that you vote to express your preferences for the content you want to see.